How much should a female 5'3 20 year old be eating to run 10/15k

Hey there, I'm 5'3, 20 years old, female and 105lbs (7 1/2 stone). I run 4/5 times a week anywhere between 6.5k to 15k - normally around the 10k mark. My question is how many calories should I be eating? At the moment I'm eating aroun 1500/1700 which I'm pretty sure isn't enough as I want to maintain my weight or get up to around 8 stone. 

Thanks to anyone who can help!


  • The very rough guide is about 100 calories per miles. So you'd be burning something like 2500 calories extra with running.

    If you google - you can find a running calculator that will tell you more precisely what you're burning.
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    To calculate your net calorie burn per mile multiply your weight in pounds by .63

    = 105 * .63 = 66


    An average woman needs 2,000 calories per day to maintain weight, although that figure could be lower for you... But you'll know that. Assuming you run on average 10k 4.5 times per week then I'd calculate that you'll be burning

    = 10 * 4.5 / 1.60934 * 66 = 1845.5 extra calories.
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