Running books

anyone found any good inspirational running books they can recomend, Thanks


  • Put the following into Google  

     "running books"

      should return lots of posts on this.image

  • I enyoyed "More Fire".

  • Plimsolls On, Eyeballs Out: The Rise and Horrendous Fall of Marathon Legend Jim Peters.

    From Last to First - Charlie Spedding

    Both of Ron Hill's biographies.

  • I second Charlie Spedding, that's very good.

    Roger Banisters book is good also.

  • Born to Run is good.

    Also currently reading Running with the Kenyans which I am really enjoying.

  • How about 'Feet in the Clouds' and also the book about the legend that is Joss Naylor. image

  • There was a thread a while back with a whole list of books, a search should turn it up!
  • Born to Run is a great read.

  • Ultra marathon man- dean karnazes - you'll never dread the LSR again!
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