Horse meat - nutrition

I've not actually seen a lot about the nutrition side of things, so thought I'd fill the gap image

Horse meat



  • So it is a lower fat alternative image

  • trained on horse meat last week...

    Beat my mate by a short head at the weekend.

  • I asked my doctor for advice about my diet.

    He said I should just watch what I eat.

    So I bought tickets for the Grand National!

  • Good stuff Sarah!  You only have to look at a horse to see it's hardly the porker (heh!) of the animal kingdom.  Ironic, really, that most people inadvertently eating it will have done so via a crappy ready-meal lasagne or similar, so any nutritional benefits of the meat itself are completely lost in all the other shite that goes into it!

    Serious question, how readily available is horse meat to buy properly, or we do just not do it over here??  Seems like a good alternative to the Saturday night steak.  image

  • Thanks Phil image

    It's not widely available, at least not in a way where it's actually labelled as horse. 

    But you can buy it from here.

  • Interesting post Sarah!

    I think for most people it's a moral issue rather than nutritional, they don't want to have eaten a lovely horsey.

    I can't say that I would voluntarily eat horse meat, but I'm comfortable with my hypocrisyimage
  • I think I would eat it, but there are meats I wouldn't want to eat. I am also comfortable in my hypocrisy image

  • I used to feel guilty about eating rabbit and duck, but then I realised how yummy they are. I would eat horse, but not kangaroo.

  • It's not moral so much as squeamishness surely? Tbh, if I've inadvertently eaten horse I'm really not remotely bothered. Not sure I could eat it deliberately though - which is completely irrational. Kangaroo I have eaten - and crocodile, although as they are not usually seen as cute and cuddly I don't think that bothers people much.
  • What's cute and cuddly about a horse? I have no doubt that I have eaten horse as I enjoy meat pies too much! Am I bothered, no, not in the slightest, nor would I be if I knew what I was eating.

    But looking at those prices on the website above, i can't believe anyone would even consider eating it?! Considering the cut price brands have been substituting horse for cow to save money, that company are really taking the piss, £4.95 for six sausages?!?!?!?? WHAT?!?!?!?

    If I want to try horse i think i'll just go out my house walk up the road with my meat cleaver and balaclaver, and get a few steaks fresh out the field!

    £8.00 for a squirrel??!?!? ...wheres my air rifle...

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭


     Shergar burger anyone?

  • Heh, I love this warning on the "Exotic Meats" site:

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: All of our horse burgers contain horse meat, we do not add beef to our horse burgers.

  • They need to market Horse under a different name to "Horse"

    Cow = Beef
    Pig = Pork, Bacon, Ham
    Deer = Venison

    OK my theory loses ground when it comes to Chicken, Turkey and Lamb...

    But it would still sound more appealing with a different name.

    As for availablity, I saw on dispatches the other night a Horse Burger wagon. The football team on there all reckoned the horse was nicer than the beef!

  • Gee Gee burger??

  • sarah...liked the article.interesting facts

  welsh the meats are known as the same as the animals.........i think it helps that you know a meat comes form an animal........

    the horses used aren't going to have good quality meat in them.............with the resession you could pick up some old nags at the markets for a couple of quids....people have been abandoning horses right left and centre......

    these old knackered horses aren't going to have the suculent taste of an anilmal bread for slaughter...thats why they will be in the cheap food chain food.......if the animal has been bread for the quality end of the market then its going to cost to buy the meat

  • A local butcher used to stock several of these so-called exotic meats. I don't remember getting horse from him but I did try ostrich, kangaroo and crocodile.

    I enjoyed them but ultimately the taste of red and white meats is pretty similar and it comes down to things like texture and the intensity of the taste, and fat and cholesterol content etc.

    It was interesting to try them out but I didn't think they were worth the premium price. That said, the skippy steaks were nice.

    And I was able to catch out Muttley Jnr (primary school age at the time) with the old "crocodile burger and make it snappy" line image

  • I've eaten horse a number of times.  as a steak, forget it - it's too stringy; well cooked in a stew, it's excellent

    there's not many meats I won't eat if offered. one place in Helsinki I went to had bear on the menu - sadly they had none the night I went so I had reindeer instead.

    I nearly had guinea pig in Peru - but it just looked a bit too fatty to be honest so opted for the local trout instead which was superb.  

    the only foods I'd say no to would be the primates or more endangered species

  • Apparently the taste of crocodile changes depending on what the crocs were fed on.
  • any other sustainable meat is fine.

    if they started offering bengal tiger or something like that i'd have something to say!

    its the cute and cuddly culture we are in thats annoying! do you think native man turned their nose up at the cute little bunnies when they were starving? 

  • native man wouldn't have turned their noses up at eating each other or eating their dead if they were starving....but not something we do today ......

  • I don't understand why we don't eat more rabbit. Thousands of them gambolling on the meadows round here. Food for free and damn tasty casseroled in a cream sauce with a dab of mustard in it ... *drool*

  • I wouldn't turn my nose up at a bunnie meal even if I wasn't starving - a highly nutritious and low in fat meat.   I've been toying recently about getting an air rifle to bag a few coneys as they are so abundant.

    in fact wild food is abundant all around us - we'd be much better off both financially and healthily if we foraged for more wild food.  we collect a lot of fungi in autumn - dried it lasts for months and helps add flavour to various food.  how often do you see peope picking wild berries these days???  we have abundant blackberries, wild plums, figs and apples around us - they get raided by us.

    you can fish off a beach with no licence needed - when the mackerel are running, it's a gift!

  • just mind the bunnies that have they white eyes image

  • Jason Wintin wrote (see)

    just mind the bunnies that have they white eyes image

    pah - easier to snipe with eyes like that...  image

  • I've had croc before, I'd go along with the fishy-chicken description but with the chewy texture of overcooked pork. But it gets fishier if the croc was fed on fish and meatier if it was fed on meat. I saw it on an episode of Countryfile!

    They went to this place
  • And watch out for the ones that are no ordinary rabbit... image
  • Dunno what happened there .. it was the Monty Python scene ... humph.

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