Run our brand new Diabetes UK 5K fun run in Derby

image Brand new for 2013 Diabetes UK are holding a 5K fun run in Derby and we are looking for novices and seasoned runners alike to get inspired and get involved to raise vital funds for Diabetes UK!

The event is being held on Sunday 21st April at 11:00am. There will be a pre race warm up and all finishers will receive a goody bag and a Diabetes UK medal.

The event costs £10 per runner and this charge helps us to cover the cost of the event. In addition we ask that each participant tries to raise sponsorship to help us raise much needed funds for our lifesaving work.

There are 3.8 million people in the UK with diabetes and it is growing fast with over 400 people being diagnosed each day. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in the UK’s working age population and costs the NHS £1million each hour. However, with your help we can make a real difference to the lives of people living with diabetes.

For more information about our fun run please visit

To register please call 01922 614500 or e-mail

Thank you! image


  • A goodie bag and a medal.............

    You could have raised even more money for yor charity by not wasting money on such rubbish

  • As a diabetic, may I say what brilliant work Diabetes UK does. What is little understood is the likelihood that large numbers of people have the condition but don't realise it - and will be a bigger burden on the NHS in future years when complications inevitably set in then they would be if they were diagnosed in the near future and, with help, learned to control their blood glucose levels. Keep it up and don't listen to the cynics. My life depends on it!image

  • Sorry I wasn't knocking the charity, just the jumping on the running will raise money for charity band wagon
  • I understood, but part of charity fundraising is about raising money, part about raising awareness. The fact of life is that charity's have to spend money to raise it, (but not nearly as much as opinion polls nearly always find people think). I can't speak for Diabetes UK, but it's not a fly-by-night operation that doesn't know what it's doing. It's entirely possible that the entrance fees will comfortably pay for overheads such as medals, t-shirts and so on, or that those are paid for by a sponsor or a corporate. Then there are unquantifiable costs, such as the 'advertising' worth of a charity doing this sort of thing. Of course, there's a debate worth having about the best way for charities to raise money, but almost any way they do it will incur costs. Personally, I can't stand chugging and, in particular, door to door charity operations, but they carry on because they work - or charities wouldn't do them.

  • Good luck with your event, Joy. I'm sure you do great work to raise money and awareness for the charity. I would, however, question how popular a 5k race might be, given that there are already a number of parkruns in the east midlands, which stage free 5k races every saturday morning, so I'm not sure what the hook would be for this event. There is no parkrun currently in Derby, so perhaps local runners would be tempted, or those with a specific interest in this particular cause.

    But I do wish you luck and hope it's a good day for everyone involved.

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