Just finishing an IM in 29 weeks time



  • As above

    The 'standard' training plans are 30 weeks, so you are not behind that much.
    However they start with about an 6-8 hour traniing week..... (I think)  with 2-3 * 30 min runs, 2-3 * 1-2 hour bikes and 2-3 30 min swims.  However, this is just to get you into the swing of training every day.... before volume training ramps up.  If week 1 is killing you........

    This will increase to 12 hrs+ up to 20hrs a week for the bonkers/committed.

    However, on race day you will be exercising between say 12hr and 17hrs depending on your speed, so I think its a fair idea to do at least that level of training in a whole week instead of 1 day at some point...???

    Perhaps those that went from nothing to IM n a year can give better guidance on this one...?


  • you need slag to come and tell you.he was close to all the cut offs on the day but made it......

  • IMW isn't really an IM to try and wing it on, the bike course will eat you up and spit you out if you're not prepared for it!

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