Tips and advice for a complete newbie

I'm looking to start running and not sure where to start. I've got a reasonable level of fitness, I can get through a boot camp without being totally spent.

I've got the shoes and the kit, so how do you work out a training plan and build up to the longer distances.




  • Lots of training plans on here nicki. start with a Couch to 5K beginner (if it proves too easy you can always move up!)
    build up slowly to the longer distances.

  • I agree with Max's mum - Couch to 5k is a great starting point.

    Running is a bit different to other types of exercise so I'd definitely try one run at "Week one" and if thats too easy try one run at "Week two" until you find the level thats just enough of a challenge without overdoing it.

  • Welcome to running! I only started running outdoors in December so I'm still a newbie too, my newbie to newbie tips would be to listen to your body and don't run injured or ill, build up slowly, and when you can run a 5k without stopping, go and do a race or a parkrun. It's fantastic fun and very different to running alone!

  • Im shocked how different I was on run two of week 1 compared to run 1.

    Loving it and never thought I would. Cant wait to get out again.

    Trouble is I have no patience at all and want to do the 5K now but know I cant

  • Thanks for the welcomes and the quick response. OK I have found the c25k app for nothing. Seems straightforward enough to follow.

    I have a park about 5 mintues up the road so going to go out later (under the cover of darkness) and have a go around there. If all goes well, I'll probably put my kit on for the school run and run back, its about a mile on Friday.




  • OK, so I managed a run on Thursday, doing day 1 of the couch to 5k plan on the treadmill. Bad person that I am, I've not managed to get out and do day 2.

    I didn't find it too bad, so will get myself back on the treadmill tomorrow and ain to Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


  • Running on a treadmill is not necessarily a bad thing. My brother does most of his training on one. I however can do no more that 20 mins before I ache and cannot go on any further (bear in mind I ran 50 mins today outside). I strongly recomend running outdoors whenever possible, as much as anything else it is more realistic training for a 5k or 10k races you may wish to enter.
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