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I have a Nike+ Sportwatch but i'm confined to running on an athletics track at the moment due to injury. Has anybody used their Sportwatch on a track? And if so, what's the best way of using it (i.e. standard distance counter or laps/intervals)?

Is the GPS accurate enough for a standard 800m track or is it best just to use the pedometer function?

I've tried seeing what other users have said on google but nobody has ever mentioned using it on a track!




  • If you are just doing laps, best to just do a split each time you go through the finishing line to count the laps. Never heard of a standard 800m track mind, are you sure it isn't 400m? image

    GPS doesn't update quickly enough to get a really accurate measure of the track, but its probably near enough to work out how many laps you ran and you can just multiply that by 800m. Or 400m.

    By the way, to be on the safe side you can check that you are actually on a certified track here:

    then you will know for sure it is the right distance.

  • I'm kind of confused why you would want to use the GPS on a track - it's not exactly that you need to work out how far you've run - the track distance x laps done will tell you that.  and as JV says, most tracks are 400m not 800m.


  • Thanks Joe

    That was a typo it was meant to say 400m! Useful site so thanks for the link (the track i'm using has full certification so that's good!). 

    And Buddha, it's just so I can record my run and have it added to my Nike+ profile as it doesn't let you add runs not recorded on their products (irritating). I'm totting up how many miles I get through this year and wanted to keep it all on there if possible. Plus I use a heart rate monitor which I can't use without the watch.

    I should probably have explained that in my original post though!

  • ah - that explains. ta.  I thought you may not have trusted the distance...image

  • stu jstu j ✭✭✭

    Chris - how are you finding the nike+ watch?  I am debating dipping my toe into the GPS / watch combo, but not sure whether to go for Nike (tomtom) / Garmin or A.N.Other  They are all similar price range, circa £130 on amazon.

  • Hi Stu

    Personally I love it. I've had it for around 10 months now and so far it's been great. Once I had to reinstall the Nike+ Connect software but that could have been my pc and only took about 15 mins anyway. The only other negative is that it doesn't pick up the GPS quickly if you haven't connected the watch to your pc recently (it updates the GPS data everytime you sync it to your computer so it's best to do it regularly from what I have found).

    Otherwise I love it. I use it for my interval training as well as normal runs (it has an interval & a lap function on it) and I recently got the heart rate monitor that works with the Nike+ products. So far so good on that front too.

    My opinion should be taken with a pinch of salt as this is the only GPS watch i've ever used. I researched a fair amount before buying and the consensus amongst the more serious runners seems to be that the Garmin is better, more accurate and generally more durable.

    Im not a serious runner but i do run 35-50 miles a week and the Nike has never let me down.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any specific questoins about it


  • stu jstu j ✭✭✭

    Thanks for that Chris, I used to run a lot a fair few years back (2005 ish) and just getting back into it, so will be aiming for similar miles to you in the upcoming weeks.

    My only thought I had is the size of them, one of the comments on amazon was around the fact that it felt quite bulky when running - so I guess I need to head down to a running store to see which one fits best.


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