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I had a cold a couple of weeks ago. That cleared up but I still have a bit of a cough. I feel absolutely fine other than this cough. The cough feels a bit chesty but I'm not bringing up much phlegm. I am running a half marathon this Sunday (24th).

I ran 11 miles last weekend in preperation. I coughed all the way round but did still complete it at a very slow pace.

Does anyone have any advice as to whether I should run this half marathon on Sunday?

If so does anybody know any know of any ways of getting rid of a cough quickly?

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  • if it's a bacterial based cough you won't be running at all - you'll feel shit and be hacking up loads of phlegm and probably on antibiotics.

    what you probably have is a viral cough which can persist and wll eventually go away - it can't be treated with antibiotics.  it's the sort of cough that annoys you and everyone else around you.  all you can do is try to stop the cough.

    get some Pholcodine cough liquid from the chemists - it reduces the cough reflex - that helped me when I had what you describe at the start of the year

    and I suspect you will be fine for Sunday

  • You could easily have a chest infection. I've had a couple in the last 12 months and it's always the remains of a bout of the man flu. Get yourself to the doctors and they will prescribe you some Amoxicilin a 7 day course and I bet it will be gone in 3 days. 

    Good luck for Sunday enjoy the race. 

  • I've got a HM in just over 3 weeks time and have come down with a rotten cold and cough.  Coughing up gunk and generally feel yuk.  Have done no running since last Thursday and my longest run this time (have done 5 other HMs) has been 7.5 miles. Any advice as to what I should do when I can finally put the running shoes on again!  I'm planning on returning to work this Thursday and hopefully being able to run this weekend.  I'd really appreciate some advice as to what to do.

  • Probably best to ask a doctors advice on the issue, not a runners advice. Not that I am either a doctor or a good runner.

  • Thanks for the advice - daughter just been to see me (she is a Doctor) and has said no work this week and wouldn't even advise running at the weekend! I'm feeling much better tonight but am paranoid about making things worse. Think will just keep quiet and see how I feel at the weekend!!!
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