Modern day heroines for future generations



  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
    D2D ?

    PMSL image

  • I am betting the poster before said Maggie as a tongue in cheek answer but growing up I really did admire her greatly.  I had no concept of politics - all saw was a woman, surrounded by men, but in the position of the greatest power.  What's not to admire.  (remember - NO politics - just position and strength).


    Even as an adult - I disagree with her politics but I am ready to admit that the world in the late 70s was different from today and who knows what I would have thought if I had been an adult and a voter then.  


    I also admire Hilary Clinton and I really hope she becomes the next democratic candidate after Obama.  

  • Crazy Diamond wrote (see)

    Aung San Suu Kyi was one of the names I had in mind.  And Eggy, I absolutely adore Kristen Hersh - saw live in Edinburgh a few years ago and she was absolutely mesmerising.  Glad to say my youngest daughter has taken a real interest in her, which unfortunately means she's nicked all my CDs!


    If you're a fan of Hersh her books make for interesting reading as well, particularly Rat Girl which is based around the early days of Throwing Muses.

    Although I have to admit 16 year old Eggy fell head over heels in love with her step sister Tanya Donelly after catching Throwing Muses playing in Glasgow many moons ago. Still Muses was really Hersh's band and that voice singing Delicate Cutters live is something to die for.

  • Kimya Dawson is one amazing lady.
  • She did that one when I saw her, with that 'looking in to the distance in a slightly psychotic way' that she does when she's gigging.  Actual hairs on the back of the neck stuff.  She also did a fair amount of spoken word stuff that was so emotive you could almost feel the angst.  Would definitely see her again given the chance.

  • Lance Armstrong !

  • I saw her last year and would certainly want to see her again. Kimya is an amazing poet. I love that her genius is not fully recognised.
  • I've seen Hersh play a good number of times with Throwing Muses, her solo work and 50 Foot Wave. Not once has she had anything other than having the entire audience is complete awe. She does have that psychotic/possessed by demons look while singing thing. I tend to find many acoustic set to be rather drab, but having seen her play a few acoustic sets now with her voice and those twisted beautiful songs is one of lifes great gifts.

    I'm always first in the queue when she tours these shores.

  • roebyroeby ✭✭✭

    My daughter is 14 and I asked her who she looked up to as a role model, she said, 


    Great granny Mary ..........., great granny mary who died last yr and who taught my daughter french and told her stories about the war.

    Her second was Charlotte Dujardin 

    and her third was Miss Davies a surgeon who helped my daughter to walk

    .........she hates Katie Price image

  • Definitely Hillary Clinton! I hope she runs for presidentimage


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