1st Run In 3yrs!!!

I used to be able to run 5-10k about 3yrs ago (I found out I was pregnant 1 week after doing a 10k race!!)

Now that my little one is not so little anymore! I want to get back into running as its free and can fit around work/childcare.

I am going to start with the C25k and see how I get on as I have a local Parkrun 5 mins from my house but too scared to go as I am so unfit and would love to be able to actually run a little of the way before I make an idiot of myself!!

Anyone have any advice for a newbie? many thanks



  • Fellow newbie here but think your going the right way, use C25K to get back into the swing of things then use the weekly parkrun to see your improvements - you don't need to run the full parkrun but yes, you may want to see how you go first. 

    Good luck!

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  • Aargh. Hit enter too soon!

    Was going to say there's a good thread in the health section called mums running. Friendly and full of advice.

    Must be something about 10k. I found out I was expecting little C the afternoon I'd run a 10k image
  • Ha Ha must be!! I thought I felt sick as I had pre-race nerves until I found out it was a bubba!! Thanks I will take a little look at the mums running thread image


  • remember some people walk the whole of the park runs so you might as well go and even if you run/walk whatever you want it doesn't matter..............hope your comeback goes well..image

  • Cinders wrote (see)
    Must be something about 10k. I found out I was expecting little C the afternoon I'd run a 10k image

    I think it's just running in general. Completing my first-ever 5k had a remarkable "effect" elsewhere.....

  • My daughter was born in November and I ran a sub 3.15 marathon the next April so don't let having children stop you.
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    I help out at my park run , and regularly I,m sweeper,Its amazing how quickly runners improve one week I,m walk /jogging with a lady , a couple of weeks later and shes knocked 3 mins off her time and shes off.Well done you for getting back into it after having your little one, you,ll be blasting round your parkrun in no time !!!

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