Beginners Boost?


I am after some advice please, I am fairly new to any kind of serious running and am training for this years Birmingham half marathon and hopefully next years London marathon.  I desperatly need some new trainers as I am running in trainers I've had for years.  I know the Adidas Boost aren't out yet but can anyone offer any advice as to whether they think it is worth holding out for them or offering any alternatives? 

Thanks in advance. 


  • Go to a proper running shop and have a gait analysis done and try loads of trainers out. Do this before you run very long, I started in some fairly knackered old Airwalk trainers and suffered shin splints, my new trainers were like wearing a fluffy cloud in comparison.


    I wouldn't bother waiting for a specific brand or individual trainer to release a new one - there are loads of good offers about at the moment, get yourself a bargain!

  • Find a running shop (or preferably 2) that does gait analysis and see what they recommend for you - hopefully they will be of the same opinion as regards the type (not make) of shoe that you need. Then you can choose from what they have that is suitable - don't worry about brands, it's the fit that counts

  • beat me to it RW12 image

  • Thanks for the replies, I'll find a proper running shop and see what they say. 

  • Iam with the idea if it fits and it's comfy then it's good...
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