training watch advise/help

i know this had been done a few times, but everyones needs are different

basically, im after a watch that has to have the following

a large display with indigo-lighting

stop watch feature up-till adleast 12 hours (with the same large display) this would be the main reason for the watch

water proof/resistant

dont mind used, but not looking on spending more than around £60

ive seen a few HRM watches with large displays, but im unsure if the stop-watch feature, is as big as the time display

i like the SUUTO core watches, but (from what ive seen) the stop-watch feature, is in a small sub-display, which is not what i want

greatfull for any advise




  • You didnt specify HRM ? If thats not important to you - get one of the Timex Ironman watches. About ??30 or so. Large display, countdown timer, nice stopwatch and bombproof.
  • thanks for the reply

    your right, im not that interested in a HRM, only if it covers all the above, but its not important

    funny you mention the ironman as its the one that keeps comeing-up when ive been looking, as it seems to have all the things im looking for



  • If you want the Indiglo NightLight then Timex is the way to go as it's their own system

    The only HRM watch with stop watch and large display under £60 is the Zone Trainer

    As Cougie says if you don't need a HRM there are plenty of Timex Ironman options.

    The Timex Sport Ironman Triathlon watch is on Amazon at £21.06 instead of £49.99 this week only. Type in code B000JNHLGY on the search bar to find it

  • thanks for the replys

    as said, been looking around and the ironman fills all my requirements

    its actuall been designed as a training-watch with the runner/trainer in-mind

    especially with the large display and easy tap screen (so no need to look for buttons while running/training)

    so thats what im going to go-with, the 150 tap-screen

    as mentioned, a few going anywhere from £30-60, so will let others know what i think of it, when i actually get-one

    again thanks for the advise

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