Ankle pain

Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forum. image I had the bright idea last year to train for a triathlon mainly to lose weight and get fitter (I got a bit too insprired by the olympics!!). I'm currently making the journey from couch to my first one in April, slowly but surely. 

The running bit is my weakest discipline.  I'm not a natural runner and have been blessed with flat pancake feet.

I have the right trainers for my over pronation (got some new ones yesterday, wahoo!) but I'm still having problems with what feels like the large ligament on the inside of my ankle while running but only on my left foot.  I run towards on coming traffic so the camber of the road is alway running down to my right, not sure if this makes any difference??

Can anyone recommend any exercise I can do to maybe strengthen my weak and wobbly ankles, or anything else to help this please?

Thank you in advance.



  • I'm a newbie too so I'm sure others can give better advice particularly around strengthening your ankles, but I would just say that yes the camber of the road can make a difference. Try alternating sides, but only if it's safe to do so of course!

  • There's a few exercises that can help. Try standing on one leg for 3 minutes at a time, for instance when you're brushing your teeth or doing the washing up. Try squatting on one leg, 10 squats per leg

    Buy or make yourself a wobble board and balance on that for a few minutes.

    Do calf raises of a step. Stand with just your toes of one foot on the bottom step, lower yourself down so that your heel is as low as you can go and then straighten your foot so that you're now on tip toes. Do 15 reps per foot, repeat as often as you can.

    That last one is really for your calves and Achilles, but I've found it was a great help when I injured my ankle in strengthening the entire ankle region.
  • Thank you for replying.  I had no idea how hard cleaning your teeth on one leg is! image

    I do actually have a wobble board..............somewhere, so will look it out too.

    Thanks again.

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