fluoxetine and performance

Hi I have been on fluoxetine for a week now and went last night to my speedwork session I ran really badly and have been running so well, I ended up having my first ever panic attack, couldn't breath, which really upset me, I'm now wondereing whether to carry on with these anti-depressents as running is so important to me and helps me mentally I would rather give up the tabs than stop running, are there any experts out there who can advise me?


  • Been on them for a month - no noticeable change to training at all.


    Although I suspect these things are very individual and I do believe they take a while to really kick in - so could it be that it is your undelying anxiety that has kicked off rather than the tablets?  Best to ask your doc obviously.

  • I take fluoxetine at a high dose and have had no problems with energy. But I know for some people it can cause tiredness to begin with. I'd give it another few weeks so your body can get used to it. Antidepressants' side effects don't usually continue (especially with newer ones, like fluoxetine). I've tried my fair share and fluoxetine had no bad side effects. One thing I've learnt is to give them a chance to work before giving them up. The first week or so will always be the trickiest because your body hasn't had it in its system before.
  • Hi Stephanie,


    It takes around 3 weeks for it to start working. In the beginning you may feel sick and tired but, with time, it will get better and better. I would not be running if it was not for this medication.

  • Stephanie, I forgot to mention that depending on the person, some do better taking the med at night while others take it in the morning.

    You may need to explain your symptoms with your doctor. do you take your med in the morning?

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