VLM 2013 record breakers?

Anyone reckon a world record will be broken at London 2013? One of the serious records, not the fastest-person-to-complete-marathon-dressed-as-a-medieval-knight kind. I was wondering how long it will be before Paula's WR is broken, do you think there's any chance of it happening at London this year?


  • No chance of the Women's record going unless Dibaba has one of the biggest shocks of all time up her sleeve.

    The better bet would be the mens with this being the best ever field assembled, but traditionally the course is a minute or so slower than the fastest courses so a WR would still be a surprise, that saying Kipsang, Makau and Geoffrey Mutai in the same race and all fresh this year could push someone to a record.

  • Maybe if anyone can get their hands on a pair of Adidas Boost trainers they can go sub 2 hours.
  • "the most people competing in an event DF3 couldnt get a place in" 

    that one will be smashed.

  • Good point about the mens race, it will be exciting to watch even if the record is safe.

    Marc S - I thought the same thing! Nearer the time someone should make a list of all the pointless celebs with places that DF3 couldn't get
  • pointless celebrities? I was watching that on Saturday
  • CC82CC82 ✭✭✭

    Will Mo Farrah pacing the first half make much of a difference to the mens' times?

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    It depends if he is actually officially pacing it.
  • In theory I could train for a 600 metre race and shoot off the Champs start like a blue-arsed fly, and be the first person ever to lead the race whilst running past their own house (probably).  image

  • Good luck with that phil.  A mate of mine tried it a few years ago, he was off like a rocket but the pacemakers just wouldn't let him past.  He didn't have the added incentive of running home though.  He looked good on the telly.

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