Adidas Boost Trainers, anyone had a run in a pair yet?



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  • Do they come in yellow ? Cos if they don't match my kit - im out.
  • Hey the chuckle brothers are back!
  • Why do you run?

    Is it to lose weight, maintain weight, for general health, keeping generally fit... ?

    Then don't buy these shoes - they make everything easier - you'll have to run more to get the same effect.

    If you're training to race...

    You'll just have to run your efforts faster to get the same training effect.


    If they do what it says on the tin, the only thing the shoes would be good for would be racing - and a VERY good thing at that! - especially in a marathon.

    I believe the top Adidas athletes at London this year will be wearing a new Adios Boost shoe - might well see a new course or world best time...

    But (see the above) doesn't mean it's the best thing for the average Joe - making running easier...


    Then I was thinking...

    Everyone wonders why 30 years ago we had loads of good distance runners running sub 2:20 marathons etc.

    ... and today's athletes are doing the same mileages and hard training, yet much fewer numbers are performing as well...

    Maybe it's the new modern, wonderfly light and energy returning shoes that make the same training kind of training easier that are a contributary factor?

  • Isn't it just that less people are running big distances ?

    Times have changed. Working hours are more. People have less free time ?

    In Ron Hills day they'd run to work and at lunch and then back again. Which is hard to do if your workplace is 50 miles away.

    I don't think bouncy trainers are to blame.
  • More escalators probably,

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    WS - Pretty sure I pointed out the screamingly obvious flaw in the "makes the training easier" argument too.  As you get fitter, the training doesn't get any easier; you train as hard as you want to train, so you just get quicker.  So you train quicker, and your legs get used to running more quickly.

    The decline in distance running over the last 30 years has got nothing to do with tranier midsole material.  30 years ago, kids were running round streets and playing fields like double-hard bastards; today they're smoking weed and social networking.

  • I have a pair of these and they are excellent.  I have had a lot less pain in my knees since wearing them.

    I previously went to Runners Needs and they put me on a treadmill and advised that I was a neutral runner and sold me a pair of Zoot trainers. I had never heard of them....anyway as per their advice, I got a size bigger and have fallen over A whether that is the down to the shoes or tired legs or both, I don't know but that is part of the reason I changed shoes over the last few weeks.

    I am training for the Marathon and was worried that new trainers at this stage would be a bad idea but I think they are great.  So bouncy compared to my old ones.  I ordered half a size up and they are quite snug but unless you aren't wearing with socks they don't rub!

    Technology aside, they are most definitely worth a try, like I said, I suffer with my knees and I ran a half marathon a few weeks back in my old trainers and had a horrible spasm in my left knee for most of the day...I have not had anything similar since and last weekend I ran 17 miles in the energy boost.  My legs ached the next day but were so much better that they were in the Zoots!

    Hope this helps!image

  • mark wadsworth 2 wrote (see)

    I have some new size 9 for sale unworn, too tight for me so getting 9.5 if i can locate a pair.


    If you're still looking, it's not a shop I would normally recommend for running shoes Mark but JD sports (JD sports) have them in 9.5 online. Free delivery, and free returns in store if their still not a good fit. 

  • Cheers have gone for them.

  • Back in 20 years when you guys have caught up!image

  • Mark drop me a PM - might well be up for buying these from you.


    Thanks - Jase

  • Sorry there sold. Ive tried these 3 times now and defo fast, took 3 minute soff my best 2013 tenk time last week first time i wore them, hungover and not prepared as it was last minute run.

  • Good stuff  Mark - looks like hey are selling out fast!  Jase

  • Brand new, out of the box, I put 15 miles on a pair today. 

    I was going steady having done a 13 followed by a 10 on consecutive days, yet still managed 15 in 1:50. I'm not saying this was all due to bounce, but they felt good. I am a forefoot runner and still felt a difference in the material. Having run in Free's all winter they felt very squidgy... in a good way.

    I'm going to have to get used to the lacing... I could only achieve too tight or too loose. 

    Funny sizing though. I'm a UK 9 in Asics/Brooks and a UK 9.5 in Nikes. I'm a UK 10 in these for length and width. The fit of the upper is amazing!

    I am new to Adidas... After 1 run I am almost converted!

  • Interesting stuff manic-me - I'm also a forefoot runner (Nike Free's) and due to having had 2 weeks off running after bruising the ball of my foot in my last half, I decided to order a pair to test out the increased forefoot cushioning.  They arrive Tuesday and I should give them a 10K test or so if they fit well.

  • Whether these shoes add bounce or not. ADDING BOUNCE DOES NOT MAKE YOU MOVE FORWARD ANY FASTER!

  • Kangaroos move pretty fast ?
  • Yeah...probably even faster wearing Addidas Boost Trainers, eh?image

  • While I agree adding BOUNCE doesn't make you move forward faster, I wonder if it possible that it makes (or rather, indirectly causes) you move forward fractionally further with each step, in effect increasing your stride so when you hit your usual cadence you will effectively be at a marginally higher pace?  Overall doubtful you get a net benefit but I'm intrigued to find out - I'm in it for the more cushioned forefoot really.  Being a scientist, I know one thing is proven - the placebo effect works, and any advantage (even imagined) can have real gains.

  • Nope. It just adds vertical oscillation. And anyway, do you really think a 2cm slab of rubber after being compressed can propell the weight of a human being into the air? FFS

  • Why are some people so anti this product ? Usually the ones who have never tried them. They seem to get all irritated by the marketing hype , and think they'll never work . Maybe just maybe they can make you run a bit faster.

    I have noticed there are a lot of running snobs on here. Chill bredwins!

    Anyway i have decided to buy a pair , I'm pretty confident they will take my best half marathon time down by half an hour . Less training ,more junk food and I can just relax knowing these trainers will do all the work . Excellent !
  • I've seen precious few reviews of the shoe so far. Maybe three saying they seemed faster and a couple of reviews of them for walking around and playing football. I'd have expected more reports for a big launch like this ?
  • I've read a fair amount of reviews .

    Does anyone know if adidas boost have decent arch support? I am prone to plantar Fascitis

  • Wowza these are hard to get hold of . Anyone know where I can buy these , size 9.5 . All the sites I have checked are sold out or only have size 8 and below.

  • Oh really, ok thanks worth knowing . Think I will have to find a store that sells them to try them on. I'm usually between 9-10, ideally 9.5 but they're hard to get hold of.

    Thank you
  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    if these trainers are the business i would have thought the easiest way for adidas to market them would be to take loads of random normal middle pack runners and run a race in their normal trainers and then a few weeks later race in the boosts.  And declare what the % of improved times was.  If adidas released an ad saying 90% of people recorded a PB in these trainers with no additional training.  they would be the best selling shoe in history.  

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