Adidas Boost Trainers, anyone had a run in a pair yet?



  • We just need to stop being stupid and really think about what they're suggesting with the hype, and instead understand what really moves us forward in running.

    If you really want to beleive it then I'd suggest that when you try them on in the shop, hop on one leg -if the shoes don't 'propel' your body back into the air again like a pogo stick would I'd tell them there must be a manufacturing fault with that pairimage

  • Is anyone seriously suggesting by wearing these it will make you spring faster?

    However I am yet to read a bad review from someone who actually has a pair.
  • Well they are not bad shoes by any stretch - for under a £100 I'd say they are damn good (Signed up to Adidas website and got 15% off voucher code).  They are not magic by any stretch, but boy are they comfy and they did make my run a bit more enjoyable than usual.  They made me bounce much more and therefore go faste.... wait - no that was a joke.image

    Still the elastic/bouncy/whatever feel is comfortable - on and off road.  I like so far with only 8 miles on them.

  • Bought some yesterday, planning to do a first run in these tomorrow, prbably a 6 miler.  I am not expecting miracles but i am interested in how they will feel.

  • I've decided now to bite the bullet and get a pair - that's if I can find a damn pair in my size! image

  • I lied, I did my first run today . I did 7 miles. Did I do it in a much quicker time ? A bit , it was about a minute quicker than I have ever ran this route in, after work when I'm tired which is unusual to me. Was this the placebo effect due to having new trainers? Possibly but there was something springy and bouncy about them .

    They felt very comfortable , I'm not used to a narrow trainer but it didnt hugely bother me . First run with them was a great success , we shall see how I get on with the mileage goes in to double figures .
  • Got my first pair today going for a 6 miler later and a 16 tomorrow does anybody wish to know the results just ask..... if noy dont ask.....

  • Curious to know how comfy they are in your 16 mile run?

  • Mark

    Well done 6 miles last nite (used a hilly sock)and wasnt 100% sure. But not sure if it was because i wasnt used to them. Today went out and ran 16 miles(used a x cross sock) no probs at all. Shoe felt relly comfy and I could notice the bounce. didnt fill like i was going to get any blisters.The only thing I did notice was my feet felt relly hot????. I would norm take a size 10 trainer but went up  a size 10 1/2. Overall the shoe performed well. Im doing the London Marathon in 2 weeks and the way the shoe performed today I will be wearing them.  

  • Darren, re: the hot feet - this could be due to the tighter fit.  I usually run in New Balance 1226/1260 but occassionally stick on a pair of 905s I have.  These are narrower racing shoes and my feet always feel like they're boiling in them.

  • Agreed with the tighter fit, I felt that to today . Just to add to this, I did my first competitive run in these today ( only a 10k ) but beat my PB on the course by 4 mins. Very happy with them.
  • Im doing the London Marathon too and tempted by these, im not convinced my nike pegs 29 are for me, gonna do 10 miles in the boost sunday and see and a few smaller ones this week in them too.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    DARREN BROWN 8 wrote (see)


     Overall the shoe performed well. Im doing the London Marathon in 2 weeks and the way the shoe performed today I will be wearing them.  

    I'd hate to put doubts in your mind at this stage, but wouldn't it be worth sticking with whatever shoes you know have done the job for longer runs, without feeling too hot?  You could well end up running 26 miles in warmer temperatures. Or have you had actual problems with your training shoes so far?

  • I now see they have Boost M version for an extra ??10 !
  • The adidas site hasnt any news on the Boost M ?

    The cheaper version has limited availability, where these seem to be ready for delivery, me thinks there could be a plan afoot,!
  • I noticed somebody mentioned the boost to be a gimmick much like the Reebok ZigTech shoes - of which I own a pair. I'm now in the market for some new ones. I've not been a runner for very long (6 months at least), but I am starting to realise the Reeboks definitely aren't running shoes, owing to the fact I have been suffering with Peroneal Tendonitis for much of my training in them (over 2/3 months).

    Can anybody tell me whether they have used both the boost and zigtech shoes and whether they have noticed much difference between the two?

    I suppose what i'm saying is, are the boost indeed a gimmick? Would you recommend them over, say, the Asic Gel Nimbus?

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    I don't think they're a gimmick shoe per se, just that the "energy return" marketing hype is a bit gimmicky because it's possibly implying a performance "boost" which just isn't there.  I've not tried these shoes (but did pick one up while I was in JD Sports at lunchtime imageimage) but I've seen a handful of reviews now from seasoned runners who like them, just because the new midsole material provides a very comfortable feel when running.  My favourite running shoes tend to combine a smooth ride with a nice springy cushioning feel, so I would be tempted to give them a go.  (When the price comes down and there's even more review info to go on.)

  • Ha you did warn me and to be fair I listened , they are narrow but I did go up half a size . It's not causing me any trouble .

    They are definitely not a gimmick , I think it's very easy to put down a running trainer when it gets a lot of media hype, maybe they're not for everyone , but for me they are great. Hugely comfortable , I seem to get a lot less leg pain .
  • Mine arrived today. Did 12 miles in them tonight mainly on a treadmill cos its so cool out. Definitely you need to go half a size up. All my Adidas are like that.

    Definitely bouncy and I think they feel a teeny bit faster/less tiring.

    I might even use them for London.

    V expensive but I'd promised myself a treat if I beat a time in a half marathon.

    I do a mean bargain.
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Cougs, any chance of a face to face review in The Chandos?  image

  • No problem. Assuming I get there - then they are already a half decent shoe !
  • Bought a pair yesterday. Went out for a little 5k on my regular route. I was definitely faster. Completed in 19 mins - I would usually expect 21. I was measuring my average split pace on a suunto ambit, and was v surprised at the pace I was maintaining, without really trying to push on.

    The comments about heat are valid though. I strike on my forefoot, and the balls of my feet were burning up. I don't think I would have been able to run much further. I wonder if its because of the insulating properties of the foam.

    I think these would benifit from better airflow too, and before I get a load of "I told you so" garbage about getting a bigger size: I bought them in store to a size that fits me well. I think these are interesting shoes but badly implemented. I suggest buying from a running store that gives no fuss returns if you try them and don't like them (there are plenty of them out there).
  • I've worn mine twice now.

    I run two miles to the gym and then do an hours session that starts off steady and ends at marathon pace. Then I run back again.

    I've not really noticed that the 2 mile times have come down - but there's too many variables with crossing roads etc.

    They did get hot in the gym. Moreso than other trainers and started to give me blisters on the second run.

    I'd read a lot about the shoes feeling too cool but I've not noticed that all

    They won't be my marathon shoes until I've got some long runs in outdoors - but I would use for up to 10k. A few back to back park runs might tell me of there's any increase in speed with them.
  • Well after wearing these shoes for a good few runs now 16mile 13 mile and a few 5s. I'm not sure .My feet are  really burning up and I'm finding them far to springy and cant get a good pace going in them. If you look at my first post I did buy 1/2 a size larger. Also went out in them in a heavy down pour and my feet got soaking. So jurys gone back out on these trainersimage.

  • I bought a pair, they are comfortable but after wearing them 4 times I am now injured, coincidence? Maybe, but it worries me.

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