A Socks For a Friend

'A sock for a friend'. No socks for my foot!


All I want to know is how much are they?  I don't fancy emailing the company because I fear I will end

with more junk emailsimage


  • Do you really need the internet to talk to yourself?
  • Of course she does, sometimes she gets sensible replies
  • Not from us she doesn't ;0)
  • Sussex Runner (NLR) wrote (see)
    Not from us she doesn't ;0)

    No from herself Silly (although not always)

  • Aaaaah, that's where I left that bag of frogs! 

    On a serious note, Karen - they don't break your toes and correct, they tend to fuse the bones, which limits mobility and would almost definitely put an end to running.

  • Available from BES Rehab Ltd 0845 1300 237. Company based in Bristol.   They have the full range.

    I have a pair of ankle socks.  Very comfortable.

  • These socks would definitely not result in fused toes.  They exert a gentle pressure on the muscles which supports the foot and helps to draw the hallux back into position.  They also help to prevent further deviation of the hallux (big toe).  The effect of the socks when running should be to support the muscles and  help prevent pain from increased deviation and subluxation of the first metatarsal and hallux at the first mtp joint.

    Prices range approximately £10 - £25 depending on the size of sock you select.. The company is a member of the British Health Trades Association so you can tell them not to put you on their mailing list and they will listen.  They don't sell their mailing list on to other companies either.

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