Can I mix Football with FLM training?

I have just taken up running and completed my first 10k in 52 minutes this year having been guaranteed a place for the FLM through a charity. My training at the moment is a mix of gym, run, football training / matches and now some dedicated running although I do run about 5k as a warm up whenever I go to the gym. I am aware that I need to increase the amount of endurance running as time progresses towards April. However, I have been told that mixing football training with marathon training is incompatible and I will have to give up football? Has anyone any ideas as to whether this is true, or can give me the benefit of their experience as both a runner and a footballer?


  • You are asking for an injury, from footy, that will disrupt your training – its nature of sudden jerky movements and all that

    Just my opinion

  • Why should it be incompatible? I play football and run (up to half marathon in about 90 minutes) - I am not great at either but running has definitely helped my football. It's fair to say I am only really in the team these days because I am the fittest player even though I am the oldest player by about 8 years. At 34 I am not as sharp as I used to be (which wasn't that sharp) but in stamina terms running has really helped me.

    I do find that little niggles picked up from football can stop me running the day after but it is no big deal - I view my football as a form of speed training for running. The biggest problem is that I play SUndays and most races are on SUnday. Plus I generally like to rest up the day before a game which means I have to fit all my running in during the week - which means my long run is regularly done around midnight which does take a bit of self motivation.
  • Hi Grant

    I'm in the same boat as you although I have yet to get through the ballot for FLM. I have actually delayed the start of my season to enable me to run the Windsor Half, which I did slowly.

    I would like to run FLM next year and if I get through the ballot my football season will end at Christmas. I only referee on Sunday and would put my training before my refereeing. At least I shouldn't have any injury problems through being tackled!!!!

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