Knee pain ! Please advice x

I need some advice . I tried to do a nice long marathon training run several weeks ago and I cant remember why but I walked for a short distance ,i tried running again and my knee started to hurt . It wad like a sharp pain down oneside of my knee as I was running with a club I rode the bikefor a while then got if ran for the rest of my run in no pain . I hsve since tried to run and have only managed 4 miles and was in a bit of pain . Its also a bit painful going up the stairs and just feels weak it is a bit swollen as well . Im just hoping if anyone else has had this pain and knows what it is and how long they had to stop running ?,


  • One side of your knee?  Inside or outside?  If it's outside, then try googling IT Band syndrome, (ITB syndrome)  and see if your symptoms match.

  • Its on the outside, right hand side of,my knee . And when I bend my knee I can feel weird popping sound . I was told its a tendon but im not to convinced

    I have a half marathon comeing up and dont want to miss it ! But looks like I might have to again
  • Not sound sensation lol
  • Run Wales thanks googled it and the pain is the same . Will physio help im paying for private consultation as I dont want to wait for NHS
  • Not sound sensation lol
  • Sorry Nicola, I don't have first hand experience.   Think you need to search this forum for one of the hundreds of threads on this topic.

    If I remember right, physio can help - as can stretching and foam rollers.  Sometimes physio can provide a rapid cure but more often it sounds like a niggly thing that is hard to shake off.  Like I say, no first hand experience, so my memory of those threads might be unreliable.   Good luck with it.

  • ... although, as I sit here, the outside of my right knee has just started pulling a bit !

    TIme to get back to sleep! 

  • I am currently having physio for ITB pain.  It involves ultrasound to reduce the inflammation and some (very) vigourous massage to ease the tension in the ITB.  In between sessions I have some stretches / other stuff to do (some imbalance has also been diagnosed, so dealing with that as well as it could be a contributing factor).  I am recovering, but it's not a quick fix I'm afraid.

  • Oh right thanks . Ive been doing some reading on the ITB and the stretches . I have tried them and have had some success I was very surprised at how tight my hamstrings are and my calf muscle . Ive also read that weak core strength can be a contributing factor as well. . This person im seeing has come highly recomended by the club I run with but cannot afford a lengthy recovery so am hopeing for advice and excerses.
  • Hi Nicola. I had a similar problem with my right knee/leg last year and it turnt out it was ITBS. It was a nightmare as I could barely run or cycle a mile without feeling some pain.

    After lots of Googleing, I tired various different exercises and bought myself a foam roller, which I use regularly now. The foam roller can be quite uncomforatble at first if you haven't used one before so be warned! I also had a deep tissue massage which was even more uncomfortable than the first use of the foam roller, however I was told that my ITB was very tight and the massage would help. Another physio I visited also used ultrasound on it, and with all of the above combined, as well as the all important REST, the pain and discomfort subsided and I was back running and cycling as normal.

    Good luck.

  • Great news! Went to a private clinic, ive been told I can continue running,and will be completing in the,half marathon in 2weeks . I have an appointment after the,half . But he didnt use an ultra sound he did do a massage and put inserts in my trainers . He also gave,me lots of stretches anda massageto do at home
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