Any runners in Japan? - Nagoya?

I just moved to Nagoya - central Japan, and will be here about 6-8 months.

Are there any Japan-based runners on this site?

I'm looking to find fellow runners / hashers / hikers / outdoor types to get exercising with. There's a few decent-looking clubs in Tokyo but not any that I can find in Nagoya.

I've run a bunch of half-marathons and four full marathons (at differing times). Would like to aim for an Ultra this year but not sure I'm fit enough! But any social outdoorsy activity would be great. 



  • There is a branch of Hash House Harriers based there.  Can't do link, but google brings it up.

  • Thks Bear, yep am gonna meet them this weekend for their 'Hash'.

    Just wondered if anyone on here was in Japan - small chance I know!

  • I'm a runner and I live in Gifu, just north of Nagoya. I recently started a Facebook page called Samurai Runners Nagoya, where I'm posting local race information and hoping to connect with other runners in the area. Please "Like" the page if you're interested. Thanks.

  • Seems I can't post a link yet, but you can find it through . image

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