Belfast Marathon Hills


Doing my first Marathon with The Belfast City Marathon on the 6th May. I am training mainly on country roads were I live as hear the Belfast Marathon can be hilly in place. Please can anyone tell me were the worst hils are on route.


  • Hi Kevin - there's a long uphill stretch on the Antrim Road between @11-13 miles. To be honest it's the followging downhill section towards Gideon's Green that I find tougher on the legs! Practice running downhill too and you'll be fine, and enjoy your first marathon!
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    Have you had a look on the Marathon's website? It has the following link:

    which was linked from this page:


  • Kevin, the 2 mile stretch up the Antrim road is the worst bit , long steady gradient , just back from 20 miles with that particular piece of road being my last 2 miles , it's workable at a nice steady pace , the final hill up the upper ormeau looks worse than it is , good luck , you will be fine with country roads ( I find them harder) just make sure you get your long runs in image
  • Thanks everyone for your advise and help got a lot there to get me over them hills....


  • Kevin, on this same page you will find " Northern Ireland running " the folks on here couldn't be more helpful and come from all over the country so could give you advice on all sorts of running at home , I find their advice for a newbie like me second to none , I'm doing Belfast as a first this year as well as Derry , Dublin last year was my first its a great experience and you will love it , enjoy image
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