Rest Days

A general question really, is it ok to cycle on my rest days.  With the weather getting nicer I have 2 rest days during the week where I would prefer to ride.  its only 6 miles I don't usually go at a killer pace or would I be better actually resting?



  • For me I have rest days from running. On those days I will do low impact and usually low intensity exercise, mainly in the form of rowing, but occassionally spinning or swimming.  The spinning is usually low gear, with similar cadence to running to give you an idea for cycling. Active recovery suits me. I also do a little bit of strength training.

    Yesterday I didn't follow my rule, and had an intense rowing session for approx 60 mins. Today my running interval session was complete pants - too tired. So if the priority is running, cross train at an intensity that won't spoil the running sessions. I have targets for running and rowing, so it is a bit of a balancing act.

  • I think the key thing here is - 6 miles!  That's really not a lot of cycling.  I say go for it.

  • Paul I have a slightly different take on this. I  use to cycle to and from work and it never occurred to me not to do it on a rest day. If you are going on a leisurely low mileage trundle then all well and good, if however you start to feel fatigued during training you may need to reconsider it. Your body will soon let you know if it is a good idea or not.

    Think about it is it any worse than being dragged around Westfields for hours on end? In every way no it is not trust me image


  • I see this very much as 6 miles today, but before you know it, your off on a 50mile ride on your day off. Its surprising how these things take off in a short period of time. Provided you know your priorities, and how you recover then give it a go. I'm still very much in the learning camp.

    In October I was doing 5k rows, followed by a 10 mile Taxi to the finish on a day off. Currently I'm often rowing half marathons on days off, and saving on the taxi fare.

  • When I can keep up with Phil for 1 mile in a half marathon, I'll still have a lot to learn, as I will definitely be cream crackered in your parlance image, and I will take a full rest day afterwards

  • I suppose I'm giving Paul the benefit of the doubt, because if he's got two rest days that means he's training five days a week.  (I'm a regular Poirot, me!)  So, no couch potato.  But yes, "rest" is all relative, and what you can get away with will vary even for the individual as you get fitter, or just more used to a particular activity. 

  • WiBWiB ✭✭✭

    Keep the effort low and you are still resting with the added benefit of increased blood flow to muscles.

  • I read somewhere (a BBC interview I think) that the Brownlee brothers rest day is a 30mile easy cycle image

  • WiBWiB ✭✭✭

    Unlikey as they are from Yorkshire, not Lancashire. I don't think it would be allowed image

  • I cycle to and from work too, whether it's a rest day or not. Otherwise I'd have to walk and that would be even less restful (I don't drive). I'd say go for a gentle bike ride on a rest day if you feel like it, and as others have pointed out, if you notice your running suffering you can have a rethink.

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