Trionium Greensand Marathon



  • Myself and 3 others marshalled at the Coldharbour turn and water station. Nearly 6 hours standing around in the rain passing soggy jelly babies, soggy Jaffa cakes and water to soaked runners. How mad is that? The other 3 were virgin's to Rob's mad events. I had no such excuse and can't say that I would have rather been running in yesterday's conditions.

    However, we all really enjoyed it and did feel that we were being useful and many of the runners - tired, wet and cold - made the effort to thank us and some even managed a smile despite it costing them valuable energy.

    On behalf of many of the marshals, thank you runners for making it an enjoyable way to spend 6 hours in the rain.

  • Strag, we ate our Jaffa Cakes to stop them going soggy.  It was a public service really image

  • Hi Folks,

    Marathon pictures here:

    As some of you will know, I'm there to support Amanda, not be official race photographer, so I'm afraid there's no guarantee that I've got you and nothing remotely like an index. The only quick way of checking other than looking at all 679 shots is if you know or can work out what time you were at the various points: the bottom of the hill down from The Nower; Leith Hill Tower; Radnor Road car park; the turnaround point; and the same in reverse. The middle part of each photo name is the time it was taken (but add one hour for BST!).


  • Bah humbug.

    Photobox slideshow isn't working for some reason. You can still look at individual pictures or buy prints, but if you'd just like to see a slideshow, use Flickr:

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