Trionium Greensand Half Marathon

...this is the half marathon option on the day of the Greensand Marathon, following the route of the very popular Leith Hill Half half marathon.

Anyone interested?


  • This has been a popular addition to the race... Quite a lot of entrants will line up on the day. It should be fun!

  • any tips for training for these last few weeks? 

  • For the half... turn up to the race with rested legs (don't overdo it in the week before the event). Put in a bit more hill training in your training (especially towards the end of your run - since there is a stinker of a hill right at the very end of the Leith Hill Half). Get to bed early, and eat well. Lay off the booze the last three days before the race. You'll be laughing!

  • Any tips for footwear for this?

  • Ordinary trainers are good enough to complete this race since it it mostly well-drained sandy tracks - spikes are banned (and aren't necessary anyway) - but soft studs may be useful if you think that you have a chance of winning (ie time of less than 3.5 hours). Around 45% of the race is on very uneven hard tracks, 45% on sandy or muddy paths, 5% on grass, 5% on tarmac. I've worn ordinary trainers to run the course, with no problems.

  • Hi all

    I am at a critical moment, I cannot get my running faster. Instead it is getting slower, what am i doing wrong? My muscles around my hip and pelvic area feel thigh, would rest and massage help? I worry about missing out on days of running. Not sure it is to do with my cycling to work, although it is a long commute (11miles max round trip) but I do know that my knee feels different when I ride and run during the week. I continue to swim as I absolutely love swimming and my swimming is actually good at the moment..can doing lots of kicks drills help my running? what about water running once a week? can it muscles were so thigh today I could hardly move my legs and run, what I usually do in 44 minutes, I did it in 50minutes today! shocking! also for the trionium is it better to train mostly on trail terrain than road? 

  • Hi.

    I just tried to sign up for the half marathon. Sadly it seems I am (just?) too late as the enroll button now seems to have disappeared from the page.
    I would still be very much interested if there is still an opening and possibility. Can you help?

    Thank you very much.

  • Hey Chris

    do you want my place if it is possible to swap ? I have strained my hamstring muscle and although im back running, im doing gentle runs and in fact I had planned to do this run partly walking (it is the downhill that hurts most) so I would be happy to give you my place if possible..a friend of mine is doing so I will come to support her anyway.


  • Hi Maria,

    I would be happy to do that if the organisation allows that. Sorry to hear you are hurt by the way. I can imagine that a hilly half marathon is indeed going to be a potential new strain on your muscle.

    I actually sent out an email this morning to Robert from Trionium (at least, I hope I found the correct address). I have not heard back yet (not complaining). Perhaps we can check with them if they will allow this under the circumstance.

    Maria, feel free to contact me at: firstnameDOTlastnameATgmailDOTcom

    Thank you again for the offer.


  • Phil_HPhil_H ✭✭✭

    Well I've just completed a last-minute entry, so you should be able to get in.

    Rob is usually very understanding about transfers, but does need all your details and an email request from the entrant to do the transfer.

    This will be my longest run since august last year at milland after which I got an Achilles tear !

  • Online entry now closed - entry on the day strictly by prior arrangement with rob@ trionium dot com.

  • The current forecast of heavy rain will make for testing conditions: come prepared!

  • Forecast wasn't wrong. Race was awesome though. Felt like a re-enactment of the Somme at about the 3/4 mark, but once again the thought of bacon, beans and toast lured me to the finish. Awesome race - whatever the weather.

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