Trionium Knacker Cracker 10K

Always a giggle. Anyone interested?


  • Me, me, me :0) whoop
  • Running5kRunning5k ✭✭✭

    I am afraid it is going to have to be a dreaded pirate for 2014 - A Dreaded Punked Up Pirate! Unless of course it snows in which case it will be Franz Klamer.


  • 20 places left. When it's full, it's really full!

  • So excited about it.  got my fancy dress costume sorted too image

  • It's now full. Thee are no more entries, and absolutely strictly no entries on the day. Sorry if you didn't get in this year - please try again next year!

  • Oh no, I have a friend who was still considering entering. If there is one place available or anyone can't run due to injury/change of mind please let me know.

  • Has anyone run this in spikes, and did you find the ground soft enough for them?

  • I'm fairly sure the race info said trail shoes recommended but no spikes allowed.

  • Hi  If anyone has a place they don't want, please let me know, I have done this a few years and am gutted to be missing out in 2014.

  • Spikes banned (National Trust licence rules) - studs might help though.

  • All runners have been emailed and asked if they are not going to run, to come and offer their places here.

  • Hi all,

    Im desperate for a place- its my local annual run- so would love to hear from anyone planning to get lashed on New Years and feels that running 10k up and down th beautiful but brutal Box may be a stepto far..............


  • I would love a place. Didn't realise it would sell out this early image
  • Spikes banned?



     Have I got to think about another outfit?


  • Hi Steve

    My boyfriend is unable to run due to injury so if you'd like his place you are more than welcome.  He did say he would like to sell his place.

    You can contact me: [email protected]



  • Hi, I'm desperate for a place in this run. Gutted I've missed the allotted spaces.

    if anyone has to pull out please please please let me know.

    you can contact me on 07500 993995 or [email protected]

  • Rob, I've emailed you but just in case thought Id double check here that you have me and P entered.  I didn't get an email. 

  • Just to advise that the place I was offering has now been taken.

  • Phil_HPhil_H ✭✭✭

    Damn ! All you fit people able to book places without worryingimage

    I had to pull out last year at the last minute and sell my place, so if anyone can return the favour this year I would be most obliged, having just completed the duathlon that tore my achilles last year image.

    [email protected]][email protected]

  • My place is now available to whoever emails me. Fear I'll injure myself and have to half marathons to look forward to! Email [email protected]
  • Phil_HPhil_H ✭✭✭

    Aha !

    Begging email-letter sent image

    phil harris

  • Any bright ideas for fancy dress? I thought about a Borat mankini, but somebody pointed out that it might be a bit chilly on race day.

  • It's been done before Pedro, a few years ago.  Frightened the life out of the people behind him going up the stairs image

  • Lmao, I can imagine. The Box is tough enough to make people "follow through", especially after a New Year's party, so I certainly wouldn't want to be stuck behind Borat, just in case.

  • Hi Dr.Rob. Will we have the bagpiper to accompany us on our jolly jaunt around the hill this year?


  • Alas no piper yet - but hopefully the marshals will match the runners for fancy dress. A Borat mankini would be a welcome return...

  • Decided to wear fancy dress and so ordered something "suitable". It is almost impossible to run in, makes stairs difficult and liable to get waterlogged. Probably not going to get a 10K PB.

  • With all the hills and stairs nobody will get a PB. This race will be for laughs. I have seen some pictures of past events and some people have wild imaginations. 

  • Wild imaginations are good - so are laughs ................. though unless I have miscalculated I intend to claim a first on the first even if I am three quarters short of a picnic on the day image 

  • Good luck. I am not quite fast enough to go for first places just yet, but you go for it. First on the first is some serious bragging material. I will probably be in the middle of the group somewhere, wearing a pink fairy costume or a green mankini or something.

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