Bath Hilly 10k

This is the 10k one-lap version of the Bath Hilly Half... this 10k is still a tough race, but it'll be a good'un.

Anyone interested?


  • Aha ha ha.... I went and ran it yesterday, and it turns out that it's a little bit longer than I thought... 12.45km. So I 'm going to change the name to the Bath Hilly Ultra-10k (yes, nonsensical, I know, but there you are). It's still a good course. And you are guaranteed a PB on it (unless you have previously run a 12.45km race!)

  • So does that mean the half is a "Double Ultra"?

  • I was tempted until I saw the price!


  • Looks like an ultra price to me, what a joke. Bath hilly 10 half the price
  • Dr RobertDr Robert ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the feedback.

    Try it and then decide - there have been no complaints about value for money from any entrants in the first two years. You get what you pay for... All proceeds to local charities.
  • ...but, point taken. The entry fee for the Bath Hilly Ultra-10k has been cut (it had been the same as the full half marathon, so this also reflects that it's a shorter race). I hope that's fair.

  • Online entry is now closed, but places can still be had (strictly by pre-arrangement to rob at trionium dot com) - sorry, no entries on the day.

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