ankle injury

Hi rolled my ankle 5 weeks ago(didnt see a big stone!) thought i had sprained it but xray showed a slight hairline fracture.Am in plaster until mon 25th feb and then it comes off.I have had to defer my london marathon place to 2014 but would love to run the shrewsbury marathon on june 23rd.If I started to gently train in the next 3 weeks will I have a good chance of being fit enough for the marathon in June?I was running about 23miles a week longest run 12miles before injury and am not after a specific time, just to get around. My leg doesnt hurt at moment.I was figuring a 12 week count down for training?


  • Jean, my sympathes - I know how frustrating it is. I'd say it's really going to depend on how weak your ankle is after six weeks in plaster, how quickly your body allows you to ramp up the training miles without developing overuse injurues, and how slow you're prepared to go on the day. You're going to have 17 weeks from plaster off to target date, which is pushing it (I do know some people who can jump from almost no running to 40 miles a week in a couple of weeks, but they're definitely exceptional!). You may find some run-walk schedules which would get you round.

    Alternatively, you might find it safer and in the longer term more satisfying to look for a HM to run in June on your way to an autumn marathon. Good luck!

  • Thanks Debra yes have decided will try and if the ankle is to weak to go for a half and marathon in autumn!

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