'Seamless' running socks?


I started running just over a year ago and, for most of that time, I've been using a pair of running socks I got in a discount supermarket.  They were dirt cheap but much better than other more expensive branded running socks I've tried.  I think the main reason I like them so much is that they are virtually seamless (i.e. without a noticeable seam on the inside of the sock at the toes like you get with most socks) and they don't bunch up or rub anywhere on the foot.

Unfortunately, I have only one pair of these and I can't find another.  So, anyone know of anything similar or recommend a good running sock?


  • i own a load of different brands of running socks. After trying all sorts, I found that my feet cope best with double layer or "twin skin" socks. No blisters, no rubbing. So now i always buy twin skins, but don't pay too much bother to the brand. Hillys are quite good, i've got no complaints about them.

  • Each to their own. I get cheap things from primark or other places and have no problems - I simply tend not to get blisters. I'm more careful with my shorts because of private parts and inner-thigh friction. I guess it's trial and error.

  • Another vote for Hilly twin skins!

  • I really like Balega socks
  • Drymax  - really awesome for me, no blisters since (I couldn't get on with the two layer socks at all, fine for up to 14 miles or so then blisters with a vengeance).

  • Cheers for suggestions.

  • I really like the More Mile London socks (I buy them off EBay)

    They're really comfy and not too expensive, so can be replaced regularly.
  • I have always sworn by hilly twin skins but they're bloody dear. I bought a load of more mile twin skin, Chicago I think and they were a fraction of the price. Not only that, they wear so much better than the hilly ones and have been just as comfy.
  • Another vote for more mile London socks. I got 10 pairs for ??20 from start fitness a couple of weeks ago. They're very very comfy!
  • More Mile London from me.

    More Mile San Diego are slightly cheaper, and also very good.

  • I like Injinji lightweight toe socks. No seams, no blisters.

  • I would go for Feetures socks anytime. A bit expensive at £14 a pair but well worth it for the comfort

  • X-Socks work for me. Had them in various forms. Expensive, but never had issues with blisters, etc.

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭
    Cheap karrimor ??3 - ??4 per pack (2 pairs) cheap and cheerful, no problems with blisters only time I ever had a blister was with a pair of hilly thin socks, never worn them since cheap fat socks perfectimage
  • 2pair of New Balance Seamless from Sports Direct-??7. Brilliant socks
  • I like Balega socks.

  • Another vote for X-Socks. Expensive, but never had anymore issues with my feet since usinge them. I have just ordered a couple of pairs of Drymax to try - as it seems we might not get a summer!

  • I absolutely love Aldi running socks and always stock up when they are in.  Cheap and good. 


    I've got the Hilly Twin Skins and find I get friction with them and hot feet.

  • I'm interested in this thread.

    I went on a first run in new shoes and new socks and ended up with a slight cut on the toe next to my little toe. No idea what that's calledimage

    I never recall cutting my feet or getting blisters previously although have to admit new to this running lark.

    I thought this may be the new shoes but just tried them on and they are fairly loose. Just checked the Aldi socks and the blood is on the inner seam, which seems a lot thicker than I'd expect on normal socks let alone runners.

    Anyone else with bad experience of Aldi socks or anyone think it must be the shoes?
  • Not sure how much you paid for them in Aldi. But the most important items of kit for running are socks and shoes. Rarely pay less than £10 a pair and often £20. Never had any issues since using 'decent' brand socks - designed by folk who know what they are doing.

  • Thanks for the response.

    They were only ??3 but have heard the quality is good - think the price/quality argument is skewed by Aldi and Lidl although they do have some tat in.

    To be honest I've run in a wide variety of socks and never had a problem. Not sure if the inner seam was as hard before I bled in it or not image
  • I've been looking at socks lately and I quite like the idea of the Injinji glove style socks. I've not worn them though, so can't recommend them.

  • I bought a pair and they were fine but after 5/6 runs holes starting appearing?
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