Pain in particular tendon, behind right knee, inside leg

Hi all

I'm getting a pain in this particular tendon when I run any distance over about 5 miles. I don't feel it when running but feel it first during the warm down (particularly streching the hamstring) and then for the next couple of days, which makes me anxious to go out again until it stops.

Is it common, is there a way to get around it, and is it a bad idea to try and run through the pain?

I've looked on a diagram, the technical word seems to be "semitendinosus", well the pain is right at the base, directly behind my knee.




  • Michael, I've had pain in the hamstring tendons previously, but with me it was speed work that did it and I carried on by dropping my pace while continuing to up the miles. You could try that. Are you doing any self-massage? You need to target the hamstrings AND the quads, since they act against each other. I use "The Stick" (but I've also simple hand-massaged or used a rolling pin); many people find foam rollers useful. Also you could try giving it a couple more days AFTER the pain stops before going out again, in case you're just not giving it time to settle down.

    I'd also suggest getting into the habit of self-massage, particularly of the areas where you get problems, even when you don't have any pain. Good luck!

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