Puma trail shoes: Pumafox or Nightfox

Can anyone tell me the difference between the puma Nightfox and Pumafox trail shoes? The descriptions and reviews all seem similar! Also, are they any good?
Finally, the Trailfox has pretty poor reviews so I haven't looked into this shoe - does anyone think differently?

(I always run offroad - mostly hilly, grassy farmland, some tracks) 


  • A little late on the reply here, but my two cents:

    A few years back (2005 or later) Runner's World gave the Puma Complete Trailfox their "Best Debut" for a trail running shoe. I was running consistently on trails at that point, and had tried several brands of trail shoes by companies who knew shoes, but perhaps not trail running shoes...Asics, Nike, even Keane. I instantly fell in love with the Trailfox. They made them for about 3 years. When they discontinued the line (and replaced them with something called a trailfox 100, which didn't look like it was even the same shoe), I bought a bunch of extra pairs so I wouldn't have to run without them. This is not my typical reaction...I love trying new running shoes, but I honestly couldn't bear to let these go so easily.

    Now I'm nearing the end of the lifespans of those shoes, and looking to try again. I notice Puma has new trail shoes, and the Pumafox looks very similar, both in tread underneath and overall shoe shape. They look just a little bukier, but I'm going to give them a shot, based on what I think they're trying to be....

    So, in summary, the Complete Trailfox was a great shoe, confirmed even by Runner's World. Since then, they have had a few fits and starts, but I'm hoping they know what works now, and I'm going to give that Pumafox a shot, because it looks like the Trailfox. The Nightfox does not, at all...in particular, the tread on the Nightfox doesn't look very aggressive, like a half step above a road running shoe. But if you're running on farmland and some tracks, then you might want to try the Nightfox. I wouldn't hesitate on either, though!



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