Talkback: Injury Q & A with Physio Sarah Connors

Hi i have been having calf problems in both legs .I have been doing the 5 k Park Runs .After about 3 K the back of my calfs on the outside muscle hurt i struggle on to the end then suffer for about 2 days then feel ok .I have tried  calf strengthening exercises and massage with electrical massager but still happens .until i did the 5k runs i used a friction type running machine a lot .I am 68 yrs and pretty fit otherwise any help would be appreciated .I have stopped the Park runs for the last 5 weeks because of this problem  which i really miss .Thanks


  • I am training to run my first Marathon in April. I have been doing well but over the last couple of weeks I begun to experience pain at the top of my thigh at the front top of the leg.

    My run distances have gradually increased to 17 miles without too much of a problem but now the pain has worstened until it is now almost impossible to run for more than two miles without the pain becoming so bad I have to stop and try to stretch. My training has now come to a stop and depression is setting in!!!

    I would appreciate any advice you could give me as I really don't want to drop out of the Marathon unless I really have to.

     Thank you

  • I get a pain in the bottom of my foot where the first toe (not the big toe) joins.

    I have had an x ray which has revealed no fracture. It seems worse after I have ran but also the pain comes on a random times (even when I am resting it)

  • I am now on my second flare up of Patellar Tracking Disorder.  I do not know what started this on as i train regularly and have not fallen or injured myself recently

  • Didn't quite finish before it sent.  I am having physio and doing exercises but should i still be running on it?

  • Been suffering with persistant groin and aductor strains for the past 2 years plus and they have beed getting steadily worse and taking longer to clear. on January 2013 i tweaked a groin getting out of the car thought nothing much of it and expected it to settle down, but alas it is proving stuborn. i have tried physio, chiropractors etc but nothing helps.

    pain is located in the groin area with the tendon from the botton of the pubic bone to the aductors constantly sore and get inflamed even walking quickly. i have a pain further up along the inside of the groin area to the top of the hip which i think sometimes i can feel a lump but other times i cant. the Aductors are constantly sore along with the muscles along the front of the thigh.

    the groin pain settles to about 70% but never goes away and the pain really gets intense when i sit down espcially on a hard chair (constanty sitting at work)  the pain  in the groin almost seems like it is being squashed and compress when sitting

    any suggestions

  • Hi,

    I have been training hard for a 10k, my pace increasing week on week and I am following a training plan where I run 5-6 times per week (Brain Training plan). In recent days I have started to have niggle in my right hip (never had this before), it's on the side, feels like it is within the joint. Should I still continue with my training? With only 3 weeks until the race my training is getting more and more intense. What should I be doing?


  • Hi, I've been doing Parkrun for a while now, and running another 2 times a week. I usually have a slight niggle in the achilles at first, which goes after a short distance. Built up from Parkrun being the long run of the week to running further in the midweek sessions prior to doing a 10K at the start of May. That was fine, went for a cycle ride afterwards, no problems. Circumstances conspired to mean the next time I could get out for a run was 8 days later. I intended this to be a longish run. Felt the usual niggle in my Achilles and expected it to wear off as usual, only it developed into a calf niggle. That effectively seized up and I ended up limping home. I've iced it and rested, and everything felt fine, so I tested it today with a (very) gentle jog. It felt okay at first, but I'd only gone half a mile before I could feel it seizing up again. Did I just start too soon, or should I go back to the Physio? Ive seen people talking about oam rollers, should i get one? I've got a race planned for about 4 weeks time, which I'm hoping not to have to cancel. 


  • Hi Sarah  a few months ago I ran the bath half marathon and everything was really fine! then a couple of months ago I did a 10K run and ever since then on the outside of my left knee is really painful just in one place, when I run over 3 miles, what can I do to get rid of the pain?  i have also just booked in for the Cardiff 1/2 marathon in October.  and don't want to miss out on any training... what should I do


  • Hi Sarah,

    I have been running for about 3 1/2 years now and have gradually become a faster runner, although recently I have found that on my races when I run at around 6:20 to 6:40 min per mile I suffer from discumfort on my right side just below the rib cage.  It does not quite feel like a stitch which I used to get as a child but a dull stitch is the best decription I can think of.  I,ve tried not eating   and drinking as much before a race, I have tried sorting outmy breathing rythem but still the problem persists.

    Whats your advise?



  • I was out running on Monday and after 3 mile I felt a pull on the bottom of my right foot on the outside and could no longer carry on running even walking was very painful for 2 days I had to walk around on my tip toe it's now been 4 days and I'm still finding it difficult to walk I was thinking it could be a pulled muscle but I'm not sure and was wondering if it could be anything serious there is no swelling or bruising I have been icing it and took ibuprofen but it still feels the same I'd be grateful of any advice thanks Lizzie 

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