Quad pain advice please

Hello all,

Just wondering if any one can share some advice with me please ...

I have been training for VLM for the last several months now, in fact, pretty much since I finished the soggy Manchester Marathon last April. I was lucky enough to get a ballot place and have been buzzing ever since.

My training was going superbly well, hadn't missed a single run and was looking forward to the big day.

However, a fortnight ago I took the plunge and I went running with my brother in law who is a lot slimmer and fitter than me. It's the first time I've ever been running with anyone for more than half an hour. I told him I was slow and he assured me he would keep to my pace.

To be fair to him, he did keep my pace, and was always running behind me, never once asked to up the pace, but, I think the percieved pressure of running with someone made me subconciously want to 'show off' and I ended up beating my best 1/2 time by 5 mins to get 2:17.

Ever since, I have had a bad pain in BOTH my quads. I can feel it when I'm sitting/laying and walking/running is VERY uncomfortable to the point of actual pain. I've missed two short runs of 4 and 7 miles last week and then ran my long run 10 miles (t'was a step back week). This week I have ran 3 and 7 miles (I missed a 4 miler tonight) and am now in pretty bad pain, I will just about be able to hobble the 15m on Saturday but definitely couldn't run it. As I type it feels as though my quads have been scolded.

I've tried reading up on the subject and it seems the only cure is RICE and 2 weeks rest. With just 8 weeks to go, I'm entering a critical phase and I'm fearing missing two weeks of training is going to really knock the stuffing out of my training and means the only safe course of action is to swerve the big day. image

Does anyone have any thoughts on my predicament? Opinions greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.


  • How about a sports massage . Ive heard they can be very good . Or yoga to stretch the muscles out ? You could alway cross train a nice gentle swim maybe or a gentle bike ride just so you can maintain fitness . I knw how frustrated you feel I ran 3 miles after being ill and started to get pain from my knee . Im also training to do the london but im haveing to defer my place im never going to be ready!
  • Sports massage definitely. Have an easy week and I bet you will be fine.
  • Thanks very much for replying guys, really appreciate it.

    How much damage would missing a week of training, at this stage in the programme do? In conscious that I've missed a few now. I want to give London my best shot as I doubt I'll do it again.

    The option of deferring has made me feel better though - didn't even think about that.
  • missing a week won't make any diference... eat sensibly, stay active and you won't lose anything, you might even find that you improve with the rest.  Don't panic!

  • StiltsStilts ✭✭✭
    I knackered my quads doing hill sprints with my running group so can sympathise!

    Agree with above, sports massage if you can bear it or foam roller next best thing, and stretch stretch stretch loads and often. Swimming has a lovely soothing massaging effect on tired muscles. And a blast of cold water at the end of a shower can be both soothing and invigorating on tired legs. Take a week off and direct your energies to active rehab - makes you feel like you're at least doing something - then see how you feel.

    Good luck and definitely don't panic!
  • One week wont hurt, you could devote that time and do some core strengthing.
  • Hi all,

    Thanks so much for all your input - I really appreciate it.

    I've been speaking to a guy at work who is a running machine (did the Zeermat marathon recently) and between his and your fantastic advice I'm going to lay off the running until the Silverstone half marathon next Sunday, but try to keep up the fitness with some core work/cycling/swimming and then reassess on Monday.

    I'm just worried it's messed with my head and condifence. But we'll see.

    Thanks again.

  • Glad to be of some help . My friend is doing the Silverstone half I nearly ended up doing it but not risking more damage to my knee . Good luck though x
  • Thanks Nicola, genuinely do really appreciate it.

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