White bread



  • It would taste shite. That's why I avoid bread completely!

  • Well done Torchy. You will now live forever.
  • I love bread in particular, but also pasta, rice and noodles, but after happening across the book summarised in the link below I had a bash at the eating plan. It's counter-intuitive to everything we get told about carbing up, but having tried it I now don't carb-load before running and don't have breakfast - was amazed at the results - no 'wall hittiing' or bonking etc.

    Just an alternative view..........the book is well worth a read. You can train your body to burn fat (plentiful in may case) in endurance activities instead of glycogen, making carb intake less necessary. The effects of processed carbs on the body outlined in the book are fascinating too (insulin spikes, water retention, fat stroes etc). I also lost 10kg in a couple of months without once feeling hungry and without changing my training regime


    .....I still love fresh bread though, and use a long runa s an excuse to replenish with a bloody big bacon sarnie....image

  • I eat the cheapest food possible, I don't care if it's carbs or whatever, but carbs tend to be cheaper. Besides the paleo diet is nonsense, if anyone truly followed it they would only eat seasonal, local food, or what they could gather and store naturally. 

    You'd lose a lot of weight.

  • Exactly - which is why the book referenced above is modified paleo (you'd need a form of OCD to follow a pure paleo plan, and no life).

    It's not carbs that are the problem. it's the type of carbs (modified vs unmodified). As an overweight runner, the weight loss is a good thing given an approx 10 min gain over marathon distance for every half a stone lost. Still, we're all 'an experiment of one', so if cheap mouldy bread works for you, go for it.

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