Glandular Fever recovery

I've been diagnosed with glandular fever (blood test has confirmed it) and am five weeks in and still feeling dreadful. Doctor has said at least another two weeks off work minimum and months until I feel properly 'well' again and am able to run.

I'm usually very active, running long distances, plus I do a lot of yoga. At the moment I can't do anything apart from sleep and sit around the house and I'm struggling to see an end to it.

Anyone else facing the same problem? Or has anyone any tips on how to get over it quicker?


  • I dont want to be the bearer of bad news but this can take a *very* long time to get over, or it can be very quick
    It took me the best part of a year to recover and then another 4 or 5 years to recover fully ... at that time I was particularly sporty and there is no way I could have done anything more than get dressed

    You cannot force recovery on this, sleep and rest and eat healthily

    The more you try to do the longer recovery will take

    Sorry its not more cheerful   image

  • I was stuck in bed for 6 weeks, and housebound for 4 months, and at the time played county level hockey.....

    as Meldy says it was a couple of years before I was fully fit
  • Thanks both - and don't worry, quite a few people have warned me it's a log haul.

    Did you find you had to start making yourself be more active to help pull yourself out of it? Or is it a case of rest, rest, rest until your body tells you it is able to do things?

  • Take time to rest and recover.
    I know someone who got glandular fever, rested then pushed to get back fit too much too soon and ended up with CFS/ME for 5 years, only cleared up when she got pregnant.
    Remember it is a virus, you have to rest with a proper dose of flu, this is just worse and needs respect.
    If you can find a gentle non active hobby to do in the mean time that will keep your mind busy.

  • Thanks - you're right, as soon as I have a day where I feel I can do a bit more (although the extent of this is something like being able to cook dinner!) then I'm completely wiped out again the next day.

    I'm trying to just be accepting of the tact that it takes a while, but it's hard when all you can think about is getting better and getting back to normal!

  • Shamelessly bumping my own thread back up top in the hope someone else might have some ideas/help.... Seven weeks in and feeling quite low now image

    Managing a bit of yoga but can't walk very far and still off work. Doooooooom.

  • Hi Real Girl 


    I am currently off work with pneumonia and have been doing virtually nothing for the last 6 weeks . Like you I am active - running , biking , yoga, pilates etc.


    I have just started doing some walks and have to admit to feeling very tired afterwards as my body is weak from lack of activity.

    I have no idea when I am likely to be able to run again - but what I do know is that your body will tell you when it is ready and when you have done too much.


    You will get back to it - and it will be all the sweeter when you do.


    Best wishes for a speedy recovery        

  • RGR, something I was told years ago after similar 'problem' you have to think of your energy reserves as a box with only a certain amount of energy in it. When you have used up that box, its gone, and you will be using the following days, etc etc. If you can learn NOT to use the whole box, day after day after day, things do start improving. slowly.

    Initially (in my case) I worked out that I had less than 4 hours use in my box a day, the rest of the day HAD to be resting or sleeping. If I did 6 hours one day, I would be stuffed for the next couple of days, provided I rested and did nothing on those couple of days. If I tried to do more, I was stuffed for a lot longer. Think of those figures, the box takes 20 hours to give me my 4 hours use. thats 5:1. Your 'extra' 2 hours over use will take an extra 10 hours to replace, on top of the normal recovery! scary stuff.

    Eventually, it improved, but even now, When run down, it comes back to bite if I dont recognise the signs when they re appear.

    Listen to your body, if the box is out of energy, stop and use less the next few days!

  • I'm taking homeopatic remedy ailanthus glandulosa 30c 8gp3 small pills no.3 and it seems to be working. .. gradually.

    Recommended by a friend who used it for his numerous children and it always worked.

    Tracy Karkut-Law can help

    Recommended by a friend who used it for his numerous children and it always worked. 

    But what did it cure them of ?

  • It cured them of the glandular fever.

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    By gradually, you mean in the same way the glandular fever gradually disappears it's called natural healing...... 

  • Real girl -

    I had glandular fever (on the side of other problems) start of the year and was told 2-3 months of fatigue even after 7 weeks doing nothing. I had just got in the best shape I'd ever been in then bam out!

    I didn't do anything special to get over it apart from iron tablets (I was on upto 5 antibiotics at once too for everything) and rest but I'd thought I'd jump in and say there's hope and light at the end! You will recover and will be back to normal don't let it get you down however bad you feel! It's taken me a good two months to get fitness back and I'm feeling like I'm better than I was pre Christmas but you'll get there

    Good luck and wish you speedy recovery
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Sogswash, thanks a lot for your positive message!!image

  • I forgot to take the homeopatics for 2 weeks just to find out I'm not yet recovered. When I take them I keep going and can do exercise, when I stop I get tired. I've got more now and when it's finish will test again being without.

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