Is Asics Kayano 19 toe box smaller than other shoes?

My first two pairs of running shoes are both Nike. I bought size 10.5 as my dress shoes are size 10 and I was advised to go half a size bigger. I recently went to a shoe shop and they said my shoe size is actually 9.5. My dress shoes in this size fit really well and so when I decided to buy a pair of Asics Kayano I bought them in size 10.

On the whole they feel fine, just a little snugger than the 10.5's. However a problem I have with them is that my right 3 toes on my right foot feel cramped when I go on long runs and I return home with those toes aching. I will have to buy another pair of shoes but I'm not sure if I should buy size 10 with a different style of shoe becuase the Asics have a narrow fit or whether I should go for 10.5's (i.e. a pair of size 10.5 Asics would have been fine).

Do Kayano's have a smaller toebox than other shoes?


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Have a look here:

    They have a "show me how it fits" button that lets you compare it against your other shoes (NB its american so remember to specify the US rather than UK size of your shoe)

    Different brands have a different fit, and even different shoes from the same brand can have a different fit (e.g. I have two Saucony shoes that are 0.5 size differnece but fit the same).

    From memory you should have the space equivalent to the width of your thumb above your big toe in running shoes, as the running motion makes your toes spread out when you push off from the ground. 

  • Yes.
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