Athens Tri

Have I missed this ? I thought it was on at 2.20 today, but all they had was Beach volleyball (well, I spose that was quite good) and then next thing I know some sport called Darts ?

Did I get distracted and miss it ?

Oh and NY Marathon is on Eurosport now.



  • the programme guide said it was scheduled for only 5mins..

    woohoo.... more top sporting coverage from the beeb
  • 5 mins !?!?!?!?!?!!?

    Damn - was prob making a coffee.

    They do say caffeine is bad for you.


    (Is it just me, or is Darts the most unaesthetically pleasing 'sport' on TV ? Huuuuge beerguts, and 70 year olds wearing glittery tinsel wigs all swathed in an air of nicotine and beer fumes. Mmmmmmm, I'm tempted !)
  • that is why live tv went the topless darts route!

    however the sight of jockey wilson topless is enough to make anyone take up triathlon!
  • It was on Cougie... first event on the show... although it really was only five or ten minutes. Still nice to see a bit of triathlon on the old box though.
  • Rats.

    I think C5 have some coverage in the weeeee hours of tonight though of some Tris ?
  • You're right... it's on at 1.45am... so either stay up with a cup of coco, or one for the video recorder. I think it's going to be the second option for me.
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