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Hopefully some of you guys can help. I've entered Brighton 10k in 6 weeks time and would love to break 50 mins for the first time. I think the key to getting faster is by incorporating some speed sessions into my plan. What intervals are the best to improve 10k times, would it be 800m @ faster than 10k pace or 1600m @ 10k pace? How many should I expect to do? how fast? what sort of recovery should I do? How long and what speed (or is it a matter of getting my heart rate back to a certain level?). Thanks


  • Hi puffy, everything comes down to the heart rate whether people choose to train by it or not! It all depends upon how serious and technicall/scientific you want to be.

    If you like I could send you an excel spread sheet or simple text document with training paces aimed at your ability now, coupled with some faster interval sessions and suggestions on how far, how fast and recovery times etc.

    Give me some background on the kind of milage you're doing each week and sessions you like doing?

    Regards Paul
  • Puffy. if you look at the website under training, on the left hand side there is a item titled '39 great speed sessions'. i've been trying these out recently on the treadmill in the gym, and already beginning to feel the benefits. There's plenty of suggestions for all abilities.
  • Hi Puffy,
    You don't have to do interval training.
    I do 1 fartlek session, 1 tempo run + 2-3 8 mile woodland runs/week.I also do a little x-training on a racing bike.My last 10K was 34 minutes.
    The fartlek session is about 8 miles in the woods & the tempo run contains about 30 mins of fast running[ this session alone has improved my speed alot].Good luck with your run.
  • Pete, what is the difference between fartlek and interval sessions - are interval sessions stop start and fartlek run/slow jog or have I got it wrong?
  • Intervals are set distances ie 10x400m or4x2000m etc with a timed recovery ie 60 seconds between each 400m rep.
    Fartlek I believe means speed play in Swedish.This could be anything from running to 1 lampost fast & the next slow then fast etc.In my case I tend to run in the woods so I go up all the hills hard,any long flat section fast & slower rests when I feel I need them.
  • Thanks for the advice, Pete1 what sort of pace do you do your tempo runs at?
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    As a non-serious runner I've never been bothered by speed sessions. My last 10k was just under 47min. All I do is keep an eye on the distance markers & a stopwatch and work out from there whether I need to go faster or slower - anything else is too technical for me. I figure that I'm going to start slowly but finish relatively quickly so run the middle bit in the time that I'm aiming for and this practice has done me well for 10k up to marathon.
  • Not to sure, but probably between 5 1/2 & 6 minutes/mile.I don't use a watch on many runs so I cant allways work out my speed.
  • So thats about your 10k pace. Thanks, I'll try a tempo run tommrrow, see how close I can get to desired 10k pace.
  • I probably do tempo runs at 36-37 minute 10K pace. 10K pace is too fast & would leave you too tired for the next days run.
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