Newbie having trouble with the gear

Hey everyone. Newbie here. Looking to get into running since moving to London (gym are a king's ransom!).

I went to my local running shop and asked the lady there for what she thought I'd need to get started. She picked me out a very tight lycra top and very tight shorts and some trainers.

Problem is I'm a bit shy about how revealing the clothing is. She advised that underwear isn't needed because it can cause chafing ect ect... But I dunno I'm sure these shorts need something over or under!

Do these look right to you?



  • they look like compresion wear...which is one of the latest things...........the top looks have a slim body and can get away with it......

    the bottom half is a personal do not need underwear under running shorts.......but i personally think that compresion shorts on their own look just like underwear..i would be tempted to wear a loose type of running shorts on top.......

    if you are not comfortable in what you wear then it will affect your runningimage

  • what's wrong with them??  embrace the lycra

    and yes, undercrackers can cause chafing so always best to go commando - and if there is a hint of chafage, vaseline is your best friend.

    you might need a bit more clothing over the top in this cold weather though!

  • Shy but posting your pic on a forum for comments?

    TBH we need a head shot image

    I mean above the shoulders image

  • Those shorts look like underwear to me and are usually worn under shorts...I think you'd better run fast in thoseimage

  • fat buddha wrote (see)


    you might need a bit more clothing over the top in this cold weather though!

    In clothes that tight I'd want a little more clothing on my bottom half in this weather.  

  • firstly i read this and was expecting a woman , well thats just shown myself how sterotypical i can be image, assuming a woman must feel self concious about her appearance while running  - bad twig !!image

    my husband wears compressions stuff, i wouldn't be impressed at him running about in public with just those pants onimage, despite how atheltic looking as the OP and mr curlytwig are image

    and no pants - well boys this did amuse meimage, i guess the guys are well supported in these type shorts - but ladies without panties image a little vaseline image oh and white pants image my little lady head image

    i'd wear those pants (if i was a guy or as i instruct my OH to) under some shorts, he wears loose type shorts over his 

  • I was ready to say just wear them but.... it is a bit much.

    And if you want pants, i find the microskin ones from M&S don't chafe, they're bloody expensive though (Or I'm quite the skinflint, you decide)

  • have you seen the price of running bras?? i have an awesome one made from wet suit type material, you could wear it on its own as  a top although my girls were mortified i might leave the house in it without a tee shirt 

    haha  - i might just go running past tehir school at 3pm and wave image

  • Can't get the pic?
  • This is funny. Can we do it again?

    I bout some under armour compression tights, went out commando and was reprimanded by my wife... I can see why. So could everyone else.
  • those are cobatpro shorts underwear not outer wear.

  • Agree the shorts look like underwear shorts.

    But in general I think the more comfortable you get with running in lycra clothing, the less you care what you look like, even if you DO look a bit funny. I used to feel self conscious, now I don't give a toss what anyone else thinks. And I think men in tights is a good look image

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