Grantham Cup 10K

This is a good value race through a scenic route and the entry fee gets you into Belton International Horse Trials.  image


  • Ooh very tempting to up down there for a nice 10k round Belton house.
  • Booked into this as its 10 mins away from me....mostly flat course in brill surroundings but with one killer hill....ran up it last week  and the mud and incline stopped me dead 20 mtrs from the top..more hill training needed.


  • Thinking about running this one. It comes a week after Lincoln 10k for me. Looks like the terrain will be a bit more friendly on the joints!

  • Im doing Lincoln 10k as well Jack...The Grantham cup course  is  mostly a nice flat off road run but with this one hill....first 100mtrs/200mtes of the hill is a gentle (ish) slope but the last 50 mtr are a killer (well for me anyway) but at least its only one hill everywhere else on the course is flat.


  • that hill is a killer, still haven't made it to top in training without walking

  • Finished this run today and what with the weather conditions (very windy and sludgy in parts) and the 2 steep hills, this 10k was my most challenging yet. Very hard but if anything i'm determined to improve my trail runs as i much prefer road running image Great family day out though if you're not too tired from the run.

  • Agreed Laura the wind was so tiring but it was fun image

  • Great run...two killer hills...and some smaller orid hills...and it was really windy..well organised..brilliant marshals around the course...deff one to do again..well done Grantham Running Club.

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