Garmin.... what next?

Have been using a Garmin FR610 pretty much since it was first released and have to say its pretty much perfect as a running watch. Any forward thinking person care to suggest how it could be improved? beyond the obvious accuracy. Also have to say that I've been blown away by the fact that whenever I go into a running shop the latest Forerunner on display is a 405 series and the 610 is a special order only. Is there a conspiracy to dump the worldwide unsold inventory of the massively inferior 405 series on the UK running community???


  • Its a great watch. What I really like about it is that it also works with my Concept 2 rower. I'd like to see some improvements in this area for HR monitoring as it uses the running HR Max settings for heart rate zones.

    Some improvements to the footpad data would also be useful - only one calibration factor available, but this is dependent on the running shoes I happen to use if I am doing a treadmill session.

    Maybe better battery life woud be useful.

    But all in all, a great bit of kit, and good service from garmin
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