'I chase him, I bite him'... the crime report written by a DOG: Officer investigated after submitting witness statement in character as animal
  • Prosecutors had asked for account of crime from 'PC Peach' - a dog
  • Form completed as if written by Alsatian and signed with paw print
  • Report pinned up at police station and shared on Twitter
  • Officer behind joke referred himself to internal discipline unit

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2279789/I-chase-I-bite--crime-report-dog--Police-investigate-completing-witness-statement-written-force-dog.html#ixzz2LfKP8MHY 

Only the CPS would demand that the police waste thousands of pounds investigating something that was clearly written as a wind up ! 

The CPS should be billed or told to go away and get a sense of humour 


  • Yes the good old 'Can't Prosecute Sorry'/'Criminal Protection Service' screws up again

    Wonder what Gadget will say to it; http://inspectorgadget.wordpress.com/

    It's curious, as they'll (CPS) will only go with some cases if there's a defiante chance of a favourable outcome
    Even downgrading some offences in order to get a 'win'

  • This has been doing the rounds on the intertubes for a while. The Daily Fail is not a newspaper as such, it just has a load of borgs pinching stuff off twitter and putting an anti-immigrant/benefits recipients/woman/gays/CPS/NHS spin on it.

    They have two real people working for them. One writes about things that cause cancer. The other writes about stuff that prevents cancer.

    Remember kids, if its in the Mail, it's probably a load of arse.
  • Chloella

    This was in all the papers I only picked the Mail as the link so isn't a false story. I think the story shows how some people have a serious lack of sense of humour about things in life. 

    A lot like yourself and your opinion of the Daily Mail !

  • Wotevah.

    Doesn't alter the fact it's been doing the rounds on twatter/reddit/Facebook for a while, and reading these and copying stuff is now apparently what passes as journalism.
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