Shrewsbury Marathon



  • Nice one Paul! It`s not too bad though, is it? How long is the climb?

    I`m up to 15 miles and training has  been perfect until this weekend . . . image

  • It's about a half mile climb,first bit steep but short then a gradual climb,but not to bad,like I say its the coming back down which would make your legs wobble! The coarse on the whole is pretty good,should be a few people about cos its all in town,quietest bit will be shrews school area
  • Paul, I've also had a trip around the course - agree that the hill at Shrewsbury School will be the part of the course the legs get a little heavy. I'm looking to run two laps this or next week? About 2000 now signed up for either the full or half, so good numbers and I hope the crowd will come along to cheer us all on!!
  • Yeah,I hope there's a good crowd could well be a hot day to!! I did read they were thinking of changing some parts of the coarse?
  • I have only heard that the route within the Quarry is still to be confirmed.


  • Hi all!

    I'll be running this after injury wiped out my attempt at Brighton last weekend.  I'm really looking forward to it, although I think 4 laps will be a real mental challenge. 

    Does anyone know how big the race is? What are people's thoughts on it being a good PB course?

    Look forward to seeing you all there!

  • Hi ,how annoying about your injury! This marathon is quite hilly so probs won't get a pb,there are about 2000 entered,but the half marathon is on at same time,so don't quite know how its going to work! It's all in town so should be a good crowd.I'm sure it'll be fun!!
  • The half marathon is starting half hour after the full
  • I`d say it`s not a PB course too.

    Didn`t know the HM started later. That`ll be interesting. If I`m looking at 4 hours then there shouldn`t be loads of folk coming past but enough to make it intersting!

  • I've signed up for the half as part of my training for the Chester marathon later on this year.

    I didn't look at the course before signing up but I'm sure it will be ok for only the half. I'm still at the point of hoping for  PB at every event as I'm fairly new to running. A PB might not be on the cards though looking at the hills but I'm going to go for one anyway!

  • How bad are the hills? Long and slow, or sharp inclines? Shame you have to do them so often!! I don't understand why they are not taking us out into the beautiful countryside of the 'shire...

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Claremont Bank is short and sharp, the road up to Shrewsbury School is longer but less steep.  Not too bad - and I consider a kerb to be a hillimage

  • I'm getting excited already about tackling this race: just need to be able to run first... yer_maj, did you do Paris in 2012 by any chance? Not that I am a forum stalker or anything...image

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Yes I did - and this year too image

    I remember you on the thread last year - we're all still there, swing by and say hello.

  • Ah sweet image How did you get on? I don't know if I'd do it again... I found it too busy and the lack of toilet facilities made me really cross! (Over an hour in the queue...) With Shrewsbury, I don't think either of those things will be a problem! 

  • Managed to get my first 20 miler done today. 4 x 5 mile laps went much better than I expected but still a long way to go! Great weather.

  • Great work image I am still not running after Brighton, and I reckon at most I'll have 8 weeks to train. Uhoh!

  • aha hi folks - so i have a few pages t catch up on for discussion of my next marathon .Hills ? hmmm maybe get back to the hill training. Still its the non hilly around her around Mold Flintshire which are a challenge to fins. Im following the RW First 3x week training plan , i think was timetabled 17 miles, planned 18miles and did a great little run of 19miles. Deeside/Shotton to Chester out via cycle path, a little run North on canalside then S, then return via the mind numbing 5mile dead straight of the path alongside the river Dee. Happy running everying- just catching up on this morning s race , I'll catch up on the back pages now 

  • Hope everyone's training is going well. Ran the course at the weekend and the Quarry part could be an organisational challenge, I wonder if some of it will be run on the grass? Very glad they've taken out Greyfriars bridge as that would've been the bottleneck from hell. Starting the half after the marathon makes no sense to me, should've been the other way round. 

  • Morning.

    I do hope the organisation is solid velloo. You do hear some horror stories about new marathons.

    I`m tapering now. Got 3 x 20 milers in the bag plus a 21 in the weekend just gone. Whatever happens, I managed a PB at HM during the training with a 1.37 at Scunthorpe. Hope all are well!

  • wrexhamrobwrexhamrob ✭✭✭

    Hi veloo is the route the one on the website correct then ? I'm doing 16 mile tomorrow with some hill in 2nd half then taper taper. I'm thinking of driving down one evening after work to try out the route, don't know the town that well but it seems car parks free after 6 , so may try ? St Julian's Carpark ? 

    Happy training & tapering. Not looking forward to a run in the heat ! 


  • Hi all

    I'm local to Shrewsbury and needed some motivation to get running so entered the HM a few months back - only ever done one HM before (Wolverhampton) and now concerned about whether I'll make it.   Did 11 yesteday and the heat made it really hard and my route had no climbs at all - I'm hoping for a cool day.   I'm going to a single lap in the week so will hopefully gauge how it will be from this


  • Evenin!

    Good plan Rob. If you do try the course, be sure to let us know how it goes. I did 15 miles steady today in the heat but it was fine. Planned my race whilst plodding along. Just want sub-4 really but think I`ll go at 8.50s as my recent HM time suggests I ought to be much quicker than the 3.59.59 I want!

  • wrexhamrob - the map on the website has been updated to take out Greyfriars but the part in the Quarry doesn't make much sense. The website says there'll be a lap of the Quarry so I assume all the chicaning up the field shown on the map won't really happen. 

    And well done Egyptian Toe on the HM! 

  • Thanks velloo! I`d like to know exactly what the Quarry route is too. My family will (hopefully) be based there and so I`m hoping it`s near to the playground!

  • Hi,

    I am down for this, glad most peoples training is going well.  I entered after the Boddington marathon was cancelled from the week before.  Training such as I can do (have an achillies problem so can't run) is going OK, need to hit the gym a bit harder really though and am suffering a bit from 3.5 hours on the bike.

    Have a reasonable base fitness so hopefully if the achillies hold up I will be OK.

  • wrexhamrobwrexhamrob ✭✭✭

    Thanks guys, not sure when I'll do my practice lap , maybe next Monday or Tuesday, work is getting a touch busy as well. Still the running helps put life in perspective image. I did my last 16 miles yesterday , coulnt get out till 1400hrs- heat of the day, camel back with water, running in running vest still sweltering, seriously slowed on hills in second half, decided to be&£gger the time and stopped for an ice cream at mile 12. Didn't give much recovery, but certainly helped the psyche for the 5-10 min stop image, then a slow hot plod home. I have done a couple of marathons in the heat, luckily in Blackpool 2006 ish I had my own water bottle and got it refilled, in Berlin 2011, there was copious water given out- remember pouring some on my head at mil 24, and a few yards later it seemed I was hot again - & wondered why I'd wasted the time ! Whatever will be will be , it can't be as hot as last week ! If so then I hope the promised crowds com armed ith hose pipes image. Happy tapering everyone 

  • Yeah hope it isn't hot I'm not great in the heat now that I am old and knackered.  Nice to finish when the sun is directly overhead!  image

  • Anyone received their race pack yet?

  • Hey all, the packs are going out tomorrow (according to another forumite who's been pestering them).

    What are these hills you talk of?!?!  Yer_maj said it was FLAT!

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