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  • Looks like a 70ft climb and a 100ft climb, they don't look too steep on the profile.

    Trouble is you lose more on the ups than you gain on the downs and changing pace in a marathon is a bit of a killer.  I'm always really slow up and usually very fast down.

    rest day for me today, which is nice

  • I'm doing the half, I am from Mold, North Wales and most of my training is hill based up on the Clwydian Range, and run the Snowdonia marathon yearly, are these major climbs or just steep short inclines.

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    short inclines - you probably won't even notice them!

  • wrexhamrobwrexhamrob ✭✭✭

    Craig in also in Mold - I'm in Buckley Runners, I did my first Snowdonia marathon last year , amazing day as it was DRY, I'd watched the previous 2 in monsoons. There's a few 2 or 3 short hills in Shrewsbury, one seemed steep for 100yds Clarence ? Rise away from the river into town, then another on far side of river gradual for 200yds - nothing like Snowdonia or even Mold to Gwernaffield , or one of my favs ! Drury up to Buckley. So it's Shrewsbury 'flat'. 

  • Cheers Rob for the information, Mold to Grwernaffield is a popular route for me, i'm doing the half on Sunday, recntly did Manchester marathon, Chester Half and Christleton 5K so not expecting any personal bests but I will be giving it a good effort.

  • This is sounding better! Glad the hairpins in the Quarry have gone and these `hills` sound more like what we call `upflats`! I really shouldn`t worry about hills because I live in Sheffield where runs on the flat are pretty hard to find. My usual LDR is basically 6 miles of climbing and then all downhill on the way back!

    We`re staying in the Premier Inn, which I think is close to the start - ? Not sure how much sleep I will get though as my little girls are SOOO excited about staying in a hotel! Hope the park keeps them happy for a while on Sunday!

  • Would I be correct in saying the marathon starts half an hour before the half?

  • Quite right - marathon gun fires at 09:00hrs, the half at 09:30hrs

  • pffft, forecast windy and some rain image

  • wrexhamrobwrexhamrob ✭✭✭

    Keith depends where we are on route for wind - as much seems to be between buildings

  • And what you ate the night before. 

  • boomboom

  • wrexhamrobwrexhamrob ✭✭✭

    image avoid the beans !

  • wrexhamrobwrexhamrob ✭✭✭

    and curry image

  • Just packing now. Got a long check-list. And realised it doesn`t have trainers on it! doh! reckon I might need em!

  • LOL Egyptian Toe, just packed and forgotten the very same things! Off to Shrewsbury at lunchtime tomorrow to recce parking situation. Weather not looking too bad but wont be packing the suntan lotion. May need to find some mojo though, may be this 2 marathons in one week was not a good idea!image

    Enjoy last evening and day of carb loading allimage

  • wrexhamrobwrexhamrob ✭✭✭

    yo Mr Toe & Rabbit - hmm where s my checklist - i have one somewhere. Chip is now attached to my running shoes and i'll go check my kit. Mr Rabbit - i think some sun lotion would be good, if warm even if sunny intervals the sun can affect us - better safe than burnt . 

    where wa syour last marathon ? i ve not done 2 in 7 days, but in 2011 i did Chester 14days after Berlin.

    I'll be setting off from Mold v. early Sunday after some porrige

  • Egyptian Toe, the Premier Inn is on the recourse and only a 5 to 10 min stalk to the start. It's also very new (opened earlier this year) so should be nice, especially for your kids.

    i would Park in Frankwell and walk over the suspension foot bridge, much cheaper than using the multi story adjacent to the hotel.

    ive just pinned my number on and attached my chip to my trainers.

    have to work tomorrow but will take a walk up to see set up in the quarry at lunch time.

    Shrews is usually fairly protected from bad wind conditions so should be ok, as long as the curry is ok the night before ! image

    I will be wearing an orange Adidas t shirt with Shrek on the back, be sure to say hello if you see me (actual name is Nick)

  • Wrexham Rob..tis Mrs Brerimage. Hardmoors marathon last Sunday-fantastico! This will be number 8 marathon of my mission to do 13 in 2013 so it is just a -complete it job!

    Shrek-good info there re. wind factor..forecast looks a bit blusteryimage

  • Thanks Shrek. Might well use your parking tip, although hotel says it`s about £8 to park in Undercroft, behind Premier Inn. Frankwell is £4 for 10 hours, which we`d need to pay twice - ?

    We`ll have a wander to the Quarry tomorrow too and maybe lunch at Monty`s.

  • wrexhamrobwrexhamrob ✭✭✭

    oops MRS Brer image sorry image, i must look that one up . Mr Toe - i think i managed to find a Shrewsbury council car parks fees web site - Frankwell is £2 all day sunday, not sure saturday 

  • wrexhamrobwrexhamrob ✭✭✭ i think Frankwell charges only for 10hrs no charges after 6 according to this 

  • Thanks Rob. image

  • Yep, Sundays are cheaper to park and this is away from the roads closures so you can move the car if needed.

    weather looks good today in Shrews so fingers crossed it will be good tomorrow ttoo safe journeys for anyondr travelling in today. 

    Im off to work sadly but will have a look at set up around town and report llater

    just hope my knee holds up, I dislocated the knee cap earlier yet his year and its a long recovery.

  • wrexhamrobwrexhamrob ✭✭✭

    Thanks Shrek have a good day. Oo knee sounds bad

  • Weather pretty smeggy, hopefully the wind will drop.  Good luck everyone, hope you all reach your targets.

  • WrexhamRob, Shrek and Egytian Toe, will we be able to access those normal public car parks (Frankwell etc) due to the road closures for the race? 

    Info in the race pack says that roads will be closed "very early" and it encourages competitors to use the park and ride at Shrews football club.

  • wrexhamrobwrexhamrob ✭✭✭

    I'm aiming to get to Frankwell before 0800 , as Shrek I think says it is not on the route, and if you approach from ? Oswestry direction early should be able to get there . It's got 700 spaces to I can't see them closing that 

  • wrexhamrobwrexhamrob ✭✭✭

    I think road signs I saw on Thursday said 0800 closures . I just didn't fancy the 1/2 hr window for shuttle busses, start 073o marathoners advised to arrive by 8, but I just like to get places early image

  • Everyone ready for tomorrow?  Good luck to everyone! 

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