compression calf sleeves & muscle strain

Hi, just wondering if anyone has compression calf sleeves with the straps that go under the foot,2XU do one. If so how do you get on with them, is the strap meant to go under or over socks!? I just cant decide which ones or make to go for, all advice most welcome! many thanks in advance


  • StiltsStilts ✭✭✭
    Hi, I got Compressport ones without the strap as I thought that would just be annoying and I could wear them with my own socks. They are very tight and supportive although I have to say my long compressions socks from Aldi do the job nearly as well and cost about a fiver, and I like that they support through the ankle and up into the calf.
  • thanks for that, have you any experience of Skins ones? they dont seem to get much of a mention on here

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