Running shoe research: Help!

Hi all,

I while ago I read about a study that compared runners who had been "gait analysed" by running shops and bought recommended shoes compared to those who had picked their own. The outcome was that there was no diffrence in the injury rate. I think the study was about 1000 runners.

I thought I had read about it in The Runner's World book The Runner's Body by Ross Tucker, but I can't seem to find it in there. I'm beginning to think I read it else where. Google searches etc have proved fruitless. Can anyone help me out here and post a link or some info on this research?




  • The two that spring to mind (though neither exactly match your description) are -

    The effect of three different levels of footwear stability on pain outcomes in women runners: a randomised controlled trial.


    Injury Reduction Effectiveness of Assigning Running Shoes Based on Plantar Shape in Marine Corps Basic Training)

    If you google those, you should find the papers and probably links to similar research.


  • Hi Ian,

    Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it, but those don't sound like the study I am after

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