Pilates? Yoga? Swimming?

So, I want to try and add a different dimension to my training outside of running. Ideally I'd like to build core strength and generally have a better all-round fitness.

I wanted to know what kinds of things have people have tried and how it has helped them with their running?

I have been told that pilates is really good for helping with the above but wanted to see what other things I might not have considered image


  • Pilates is very good for core strength. Enjoyable too (well, I enjoy it).

  • Started Yoga in November and definitely feeling a lot more flexible and with less niggles. Feel that there are core-strength benefits too. Cross-train on an exercise bike once or twice a week as well and feel that this helps while also given the legs a rest from weight-bearing activity.
  • I have recently started yoga to work on core/balance/flexibility/all round fitness and am totally hooked!  I also do Spinning which is a really good workout but not weight bearing.

  • The rowing machine, preferably a Concept 2. Non-weight-bearing so a good rest from the impact of running and a nice workout to flush the legs through after a hard run the day before. If you're doing it correctly it's 60 per cent legs and 20 each for core and arms/shoulders.

  • As well as working on core stability, the pilates will also help greatly with flexibility. For all round fitness, you can't beat the indoor rower in my book
  • I was interested in pilates. The instructor asked me how flexible I am. I told her I can't do Tuesdays or Fridays.

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