Is there a shelf life for unused trainers?

Does anyone know if there is a shelf life for trainers when they haven't even been used?

I was told today by a shop sales person that trainers need to be changed every 2 years even if you haven't run in them.

I was confused because who knows how long the shop has had them in their stock room and then how long did the manufacturer have them before they were sent to the shop. Maybe they should have a sell by date on the box ?

I have heard that the EVA in the shoes can degrade over time but that needs heat which is why I never dry my trainers near radiators or wash them in a washing machine. 

Can anyone give me a good reason why trainers would degrade over time if they were left unused in a cupboard? 

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  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Seems like a story to get more money out of you.
  • Yes, I thought that. Just wondering also if others had heard this line used on them too.

  • i suspect its bollocks, people buy collectable nike air jordans from the 80's for upto £1000 and they are still in mint condition, i know they are not being ran in but still, the foams etc dont break down in 2 years, no way.

  • I've still got two pairs of Puma Peerless shoes in the cupboard awaiting use. My current pair is almost worn out. These went out of production, oooh, several years ago. And I bought them cheapo cheapo several years ago and am still working my way through them.

    They feel fine and do me for about 750 miles.

  • I guess until someone somewhere comes up with the hard data on deterioration over time for unused trainers, we will have to dismiss the rubbish marketing that can be found out there.

    Watch out for blackboards in running shops in the Bristol area reporting these sorts of things.image

  • Yes it's possible if in direct sunlight for years..but in a box in your cupboard na.. Can't see it myself..if if it did make a difference would have thought it wouldn't be by much that you would ever notice

    Think it's a sales pitch thing
  • None of the big online stores have a problem selling last seasons shoes at a fraction of their original price. I have some trainers that are over 10 years old but show no further signs of wear or tear. Most of the shoe is synthetic and going to be around in landfill sites for thousands of years. Yes things like glue can become weakened over time, but I imagine the sales person just wanted to keep you looking hot in your new shoes.


  • what possible motive could a guy who sells shoes have for discouraging you from stockpiling shoes when they're cheap? hmmmmmmm. cui bono?

  • is this for real???image

  • Yes 'fraid so.

    It seems they need to sell as many trainers as possible and are not happy that we keep stock at home. They have resorted to trashing this idea by saying they have a sell by date so we have the chuck these ones and buy again. Stupid or what?

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Time to name and shame the shop I reckon.
  • its not just the shop...the manufacturers have been saying this spiel for a while I the shop assistant would just be repeating what the manufactures say and they should be the experts

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    If they are the experts then why are they just repeating what the manufacturers are telling them?

    Lots of shops love the hard sell.
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