My first run

Hey all. I'm super pleased with my run today. I normally only run for 5-10 mins at the gym to warm up but here is my first "long distance".

What should I be aiming for? Is this a good start?


  • Well done!  I would say that's a very strong start, keep it up and enjoy it! image

  • Yay well done, thats fab!! Good for you!! Aim for whatever you like!!! The sky is your limit image My first goal was to do 5K in under 30mins and then it was 10K in under an hour. Now its to do 10K in under 50mins.. and 5K in 25mins...  Maybe a goal for you would be to simply run 10K (build up slowly to avoid injury) and take the time from that and work on that? Or you could try doin the exact same route next weekend and seeing if you can do it slightly quicker? How did you find it?

  • Did you wear your new running shorts?image

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