Complete and utter Newbie!!!

Morning, Beautiful People!!! I'm a newbie to this whole running thing??? well, I say newbie, I tried it over a year ago, but couldn't get my overweight backside to get more than a hundred yards before collapsing in a heap, having an asthma attack!!! So, I went to the gym and was doing the C25K podcasts on the treadmill, but could not run for longer than five minutes (at 4,5 mph), which was really frustrating, and pretty embarrassing while in a packed gym!!!! Anyhoo, I read a book called 'Run, Fat B!tch, Run!' (No joke, that's the actual title!! It kinda spoke to me!!! Lol!!!) by Ruth Field, which basically told you to stop your whining and excuses and just go out and do it!! So, I thought I would give the great outdoors another go and have been out jogging for a couple of weeks now. At first, I was only doing a few yards before having to stop and walk. Then I managed to do the whole "jog to the next lamp post, walk to the next one" thing, and then one day last week, lo and behold, I actually managed to jog a whole mile without stopping!!! To say I'm over the moon about this acheivement, is an understatement!!! However, the term 'jog' is a bit far fetched too!!!! I'm a bit concerned that the pace I'm going is not actually jogging!! It takes me between 15 and 20 minutes to complete my jog, and I am pretty sure that one of these days I am going to get passed by a pensioner with a Zimmer frame!!!! Now, I would like to start pushing myself further and maybe hit 1.5 miles, but I'm not sure whether to work on going further, or to concentrate on getting faster!! I would be grateful if someone could let me know if I am going too slow and, if so, what can I do about it?!?!


  • Well done on your progress so far, you've already done better than most people!

    Don't worry about speed at this stage, particularly if you're carrying a fair bit of extra weight (which you subtly hint at!). Take it gently and take as long as you need. If you've got a park nearby try doing some of your running there on the grass, it will be easier on the joints (in theory).

    If you want some support shifting the weight, there are a couple of really good weight loss threads on here with lots of folks updating each other on their progress.

  • well done on what you have achieved so far. Don't worry about how slow you are, it really doesn't matter, and you should try to do most of your runs at a pace that you could have a conversation at. That can be difficult when you first start out, but keep them slow and eventually you will get further and further. It is quite a good idea to keep up the run/walk thing to help you go further. So you could go back to the couch to 5k plan and maybe jump in at week 4 or something - you decide what weeks looks achieveable for you and start at that week

    make sure you have decent running shoes - go to a good running shop like sweatshop, and also a decent sports bra!

  • Ooooooh!! Thank you Rob, I will check those threads out now!!! I'm glad my "subtle" hints were noticed!!! Hehehe!!!!
  • Well done jess. I'm on week 2 of c25k myself and its amazing how far I have come in just 1 week. Last week I really struggled but this week its much easier. Went to sweatshop for the right trainers and it felt much better
  • Thanks guys!! I know, Stannyblade, I was in utter shock after my first mile!! It was literally only 10 days before that I was struggling to make 200 yards!!!

    I make sure I'm wearing the right gear, although, I may go to a running shop and get assessed by an expert as I'm starting to notice a little bit of pain on the outside of my foot after my runs!!!
  • Don't worry dear. Everything will be aright.
  • First of all congratulations on running your fist mile image

    Don't worry about speed, that will come naturally eventually just work on going a little bit further running for that first mile you have conquered and then walk/run again to push it a bit further.  You may wish to just continue with 1 mile for a couple more runs to consolidate what you have achieved so far before pushing it.  It wouldn't be good to push it too much when you've already come so far.

    Also don't be embarassed, all runners started at one point and I'm still proud of my first runs and races as they were, after all, some of the hardest I've ever done!

    I can't stress how important getting properly fitting running shoes and sports bra are, they're the hardest working bits of equipment a runner uses.

  • Elizabeth Dix 4 wrote (see)

    , they're the hardest working bits of equipment a runner uses.

    Nope that is my ears listening to Mrs Oirish.

    I agree with the above, at this juncture speed is immaterial, was your first thought after you ran a mile "Yeah but Roger Bannister ran in under 4 minutes" or " I'VE JUST RAN A MILE!!

    Cherish each milestone and listen to your body, minor aches and pains are part and parcel of pushing yourself, agony isn't. 

    Most of all good luck and well done so far

  • Wow! Thank you all for your advice and kind words of encouragement!! I'm feeling a lot happier now and I'm looking forward to going out and doing it again tomorrow!!
  • well done jessicalou and stannyblade........your near the start of an amazing journey.....just keep trying to enjoy it image

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